• Montebello Police Foundation Honors Quiet Cannon

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    The Montebello Police Foundation and Montebello Police Department recently honored Quiet Cannon Montebello for hosting the Salute to Public Safety Luncheon in May of 2019. Councilmember, Kimberly Cobos Cawthorne and Montebello Police Chief, Brad Keller presented Brad Perrin, Quiet Cannon President and CEO, Sean Shamim, General Manager and Nick Reischl, Operations Manager with an honorary plaque of appreciation.

    “It was an honor to host the luncheon. Our community is lucky to have the hard-working men and women of the Montebello Police Department to keep us safe,” stated Perrin. “We are looking forward to supporting the police department and it’s events for many years to come,” echoed Shamim.

    Quiet Cannon was proud to have hosted the event, which honors the men and women of the Montebello Police Department for all of their hard work, dedication, and contributions to the safety of the community. “Mr. Perrin and Mr. Shamim have always gone above and beyond to show their support for the men and women of the Montebello Police Department. Mr. Perrin did not hesitate to offer the facility, food and beverages for this event, when asked. Without Mr. Perrin’s generosity and Mr. Shamim’s assistance in planning this event we may not have had the opportunity to show the hard working men and women of the Montebello Police Department just how much they are appreciated by the community they serve,” beamed Brad Keller, Montebello Police Chief.

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    YMCA at Quiet Cannon 2019

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    Quiet Cannon Montebello, Home2 Suites Los Angeles Montebello, and Hilton Garden Inn Los Angeles Montebello are proud to announce that two of its team members now serve on the Montebello-Commerce YMCA Board of Managers. Marbella Ortega, Quiet Cannon Director of Sales and Jessica Sandoval, Home2 Suites and Hilton Garden Inn Dual Director of Sales will now serve the Y, an inclusive organization of men, women and children joined together by a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibility.

    Since 1911, the YMCA has been helping kids realize their potential, preparing teens for college, encouraging family fun and healthy living, preparing people for employment, and fostering nationwide service ethics. “It would be an understatement to say that I am proud of Marbella and Jessica for their commitment to the Y and it’s mission. I have always admired the passion and dedication that Paul Parzik and all of the honorable board members have for the YMCA. Marbella and Jessica are in great company and I know they will do great things while serving the board,” said Brad Perrin, Quiet Cannon President and Managing Member of Home2 Suites and Hilton Garden Inn.

    “I am extremely proud to serve our community through the YMCA and it’s community focused programs. The YMCA has held it’s annual fundraiser at the Quiet Cannon for years so I am familiar with the team and impressive work they do. It’s an honor to work alongside them now as we prepare for this year’s fundraiser and an honor to serve the community I grew up in,” said Marbella Ortega, Quiet Cannon Director of Sales. Jessica Sandoval, Hilton Dual Brand Director of Sales echoed Marbella stating that, “The Y has been positively impacting Montebello and the surrounding communities for many years and I am honored to now serve on the Board of Managers to continue improving the quality of life for our community members.”

    Quiet Cannon has been proud to partner with and support the YMCA since 1974 through participation in annual galas and charitable events. YMCA also works alongside Quiet Cannon for the annual Christmas at the Cannon event supporting local disenfranchised families and youth in the Montebello area.

    Quiet Cannon, Home2 Suites and Hilton Garden Inn look forward to further supporting the YMCA and its mission at its annual gala later this year on November 8th, 2019.

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    Rotary Honors Brad Perrin of Quiet Cannon

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    On October 16, 2019, during its weekly, Wednesday chapter meeting, The Rotary Club of Montebello honored Brad Perrin of the Quiet Cannon with a plaque of appreciation for over 40 years of meeting accommodations for the nonprofit organization. The chapter, chartered by Rotary International in 1924, supports local and international initiatives ranging from the George R. Hensel Ethics Essays contest to global polio eradication. The club also organizes humanitarian projects of all levels and encourages its members to uphold high ethical standards in order to improve societal health and shape the community and the world.

    Rotary Governor, Luanne Arredondo, a fourth generation Rotarian visiting the chapter, honored members who have contributed years of service in the name of local and global community progress. Bill Nighswonger received a proclamation from Rotary International District 5300 in recognition of his 62 years of contributions to society and humanity. Furthermore, Edgar Morales was honored for many years of fundraising efforts as chairman of the annual golf tournament.

    The Rotary Club of Montebello takes pride in the accomplishments of its existing members and is always happy to recruit local business professionals who are looking to take an active role in their communities, while greatly enriching their personal and professional lives. The newest members, inducted at the October 16th meeting include, Montebello City Manager Rene Bobadilla, Assistant City Manager Arlene Salazar, Quiet Cannon Operations Manager Nick Reischl and banker Nancy Machado. All four local, business professionals were unanimously welcomed to join the nonprofit group.

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    Women of Wealth Hosting at Quiet Cannon

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    On July 28, 2019, hundreds of women leaders from the business, civic, nonprofit and entrepreneurial arenas gathered at the Skyview Room at Quiet Cannon for the launch of the Women of Wealth (WoW) networking and empowerment program.

    Guests were greeted at the Quiet Cannon entry kiosk with a rose by the campus hosts and were escorted under umbrellas into the beautiful venue where they were seated before the program. The event began with brunch and networking as the founder and CEO of Women of Wealth, Christina Cortez, kicked off the event with a welcome message and introduction of the day’s speakers.

    The panel of speakers included Social Impact Author, Amy Neumann, Executive Leadership Coach Janet Ifekwunigwe and personal development coach, Carla Fields. Serving as the Mistress of Ceremonies was local KNBC-Channel 4 news reporter Lolita Lopez who shared her inspiring story as a Latina journalist and cancer survivor.

    Each speaker spoke to the need for every woman to challenge herself to create a pathway to enrichment by making plans to improve their business acumen, personal growth and health. This empowerment series also gave guests the opportunity to sign up for one-on-one mentoring sessions with WoW’s coaches to help focus on personal goal setting and creating a positive balance in life to achieve their individual visions of success and wealth. In between speakers, the program included raffles and thanks to everyone who made the event possible, and spoke on WOW’s future as a company. Marbella Ortega, Quiet Cannon’s Director of Sales stated, “It was truly inspiring to see women of all types of walks empowering one another and an honor to have it be a part of the Quiet Cannon.”

    Guests were challenged to share their experiences and knowledge with other women to create a movement of success to help others break through corporate glass ceilings and achieve long-term success. A preview of WoW’s second event, slated for early 2020 at Quiet Cannon, was also revealed. Quiet Cannon General Manager, Sean Shamim said that he was pleased to host Women of Wealth now and in the future because, “women empowered enrich entire families and entire communities.” Brad Perrin, Quiet Cannon President echoed, “Our team encourages women of power and action and strongly supports women in business by adopting a pro women-in-management hiring practice.”

    Women of Wealth and Quiet Cannon invite you wear your crown at the next event on January 19, 2020. You may visit for more information or contact WoW directly by phone or email at (949) 623-8334 or Information regarding next year’s event will be available soon.

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    Christmas at the Cannon

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    This year, in collaboration with the YMCA, Royal Paper Box, Montebello Police Department and many more kind hearted organizations and individuals, Planet LifeForce, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and Quiet Cannon, a Montebello community staple, will host the 36th Annual Christmas at the Cannon, an event serving our community during the season of giving. Planning for this year’s event has officially begun! On Tuesday, December 24, 2019 between the hours of 9 am and 1 pm, Christmas at the Cannon will provide holiday meals to at least 4000 less fortunate members of our community and toys will be gifted to every child.

    At this year’s event families can enjoy an upgraded brunch menu, a live band and carolers, clowns, photo opportunities with Santa Claus and surprise visitors from the North Pole! Following in the same successful pattern of previous years, families will be provided warm, nutritious meals and grocery gift cards and children will be provided with multiple Christmas gifts to take home in the spirit of giving. For many Montebello families, Christmas at the Cannon has become a treasured holiday tradition and highlight of the season. Over the past 35 years an estimated 100,000 families have benefitted from the good will and holiday cheer found at Christmas at the Cannon.

    “We’re looking forward to transforming the Quiet Cannon into a winter wonderland for our 37th year and feeding even more families in order to share the spirit of Christmas with our friends and neighbors,” said Brad Perrin of Quiet Cannon. Sean Shamim of Quiet Cannon also commented stating, “This event would not be possible without the support of Brad Perrin, Bucky Dennis and the compassionate volunteers and donors. For the last 36 years they have made Christmas a wonderful and cheerful experience for the community.”

    Christmas at the Cannon is organized, operated and funded solely by benevolent volunteers and generous contributors. The organization is currently accepting donations to fund gift procurement, holiday entertainment, and winter wonderland elements that will bring holiday cheer to Montebello. Donations and contributions can be made online at 100% of all donations directly support the event. If you’d like to volunteer to support the event and enrich the lives of our community members during the holiday season, please contact Kiersten Lewis at

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    CHP Day At Quiet Cannon

    May 29, 2019 | Posted By: | Blog · News |

    CHP officers, dispatchers, senior volunteers and civilian employees all gathered at Quiet Cannon today, May 29, 2019 to celebrate CHP Day, an event that recognizes exemplary uniformed and non-uniformed employees of the California Highway Patrols Southern Division. The event, presented by POLAC, honors CHP employees for providing the highest level of safety, service and security.

    The CHP southern Division, while geographically smaller than the 7 other divisions in California, employs the largest number of employees and serves over 10 million residents in 64 communities from Malibu to the Inland Empire. Employees and officers from all over Southern California traveled to the event via helicopter, 1950’s CHP squad cars and even racecars proudly sporting the CHP decal. “It is a pleasure to serve our chicken adobo to over 600 CHP employees and their families today, said Sean Shamim Quiet Cannon General Manager.

    Quiet Cannon would like to thank Juan Galvan who has been working hard to organize this event on behalf of the CHP Southern Division since 2013. “It has always been a pleasure working with him. We will miss him next year after he leaves the program, but wish him the best in all of his future endeavors,” said Marbella Ortega, Quiet Cannon Director of Event Sales. Brad Perrin of Quiet Cannon echoed this sentiment and stated that Quiet Cannon, “feels honored to host California’s finest so that they may be recognized for all of their hard work. The annual CHP Day Luncheon has been hosted here for over 10 years and we hope to continue that tradition in the future.”

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    Summer Youth Employment Golf Tournament 2019

    May 7, 2019 | Posted By: | Blog · News |

    The 37th Annual Summer Youth Employment Program Golf Tournament will be hosted by the City of Montebello’s Recreation and Community Services Department at Quiet Cannon on May 3, 2019. The Summer Youth Employment Program, founded in 1982, provides Montebello youth with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, give back to the community, and get paid.

    “The Summer Youth Employment Program gives our community’s youth the opportunity to earn an income and learn skills that are necessary in the workplace. Quiet Cannon fully supports the program’s initiatives. We are happy to host the awards banquet again this year,” said Brad Perrin of Quiet Cannon.

    An awards banquet with drinks and appetizers will be held at Quiet Cannon immediately following the tournament. SYEP Sponsorships opportunities for the golf tournament, beginning promptly at 8 a.m. this Friday, May 3rd, are now closed, but a raffle will be held at Quiet Cannon following the event. Proceeds will directly benefit the Summer Youth Employment Program.

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    Top of the Town Mixer at Quiet Cannon

    April 25, 2019 | Posted By: | Blog · News |

    Hosted & organized by the Montebello Chamber of Commerce in order to bring civic and business leaders together, Top of the Town is an invitation-only event hosted at Quiet Cannon Conference & Event Center in Montebello on April 25, 2019.

    “With new councilmembers bringing fresh ideas to the City of Montebello, it is an ideal time for civic and business leaders to gather together and work together on moving Montebello forward,” said Brad Perrin of Quiet Cannon.

    With Presenting Sponsors The Shops of Montebello and Southern California Gas Company, The Chamber presents community mixers for business leaders within the City of Montebello.

    “Quiet Cannon is proud to continue hosting the Montebello Chamber of Commerce events and promote civic-business relations within the City,” stated Sean Shamim, General Manager of Quiet Cannon.

    Four new councilmembers in the City of Montebello have been elected since November 2018, creating a period of dynamic change and new ideas within the City.

    Gabriella Muñoz

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    Quiet Cannon Hosts CHP 11-99 Foundation Golf Tournament

    April 25, 2019 | Posted By: | Blog · News |

    Founded in 1982 by Robert Weinberg for the purpose of ensuring support for families off wounded and downed California Highway Patrol officers, the CHP 11-99 Foundation hosts their annual charity golf tournament for the East Los Angeles division at the Montebello Country Club with a ceremony hosted by Quiet Cannon Conference & Event Center.

    “We are proud to continue partnering with the CHP 11-99 Foundation and contribute to their support for families and children of our wounded and fallen officers,” said Brad Perrin of Quiet Cannon Montebello. Quiet Cannon has been hosting the CHP 11-99 Foundation golf tournament since its inception over 10 years ago and has been a consistent contributor to the Foundation’s mission for over 30 years.

    The Foundation has distributed over $30 million to families and children of the California Highway Patrol during times of need and crisis related to officer service in the line of duty. This year’s tournament takes place on April 26, 2019 at the Montebello Country Club with the ceremony and event at Quiet Cannon Conference & Event Center afterward.

    Gabriella Muñoz

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