CHP Day At Quiet Cannon

May 29, 2019

CHP officers, dispatchers, senior volunteers and civilian employees all gathered at Quiet Cannon today, May 29, 2019 to celebrate CHP Day, an event that recognizes exemplary uniformed and non-uniformed employees of the California Highway Patrols Southern Division. The event, presented by POLAC, honors CHP employees for providing the highest level of safety, service and security.

The CHP southern Division, while geographically smaller than the 7 other divisions in California, employs the largest number of employees and serves over 10 million residents in 64 communities from Malibu to the Inland Empire. Employees and officers from all over Southern California traveled to the event via helicopter, 1950’s CHP squad cars and even racecars proudly sporting the CHP decal. “It is a pleasure to serve our chicken adobo to over 600 CHP employees and their families today, said Sean Shamim Quiet Cannon General Manager.

Quiet Cannon would like to thank Juan Galvan who has been working hard to organize this event on behalf of the CHP Southern Division since 2013. “It has always been a pleasure working with him. We will miss him next year after he leaves the program, but wish him the best in all of his future endeavors,” said Marbella Ortega, Quiet Cannon Director of Event Sales. Brad Perrin of Quiet Cannon echoed this sentiment and stated that Quiet Cannon, “feels honored to host California’s finest so that they may be recognized for all of their hard work. The annual CHP Day Luncheon has been hosted here for over 10 years and we hope to continue that tradition in the future.”