Quiet Cannon Hosts CHP 11-99 Foundation Golf Tournament

April 25, 2019

Founded in 1982 by Robert Weinberg for the purpose of ensuring support for families off wounded and downed California Highway Patrol officers, the CHP 11-99 Foundation hosts their annual charity golf tournament for the East Los Angeles division at the Montebello Country Club with a ceremony hosted by Quiet Cannon Conference & Event Center.

“We are proud to continue partnering with the CHP 11-99 Foundation and contribute to their support for families and children of our wounded and fallen officers,” said Brad Perrin of Quiet Cannon Montebello. Quiet Cannon has been hosting the CHP 11-99 Foundation golf tournament since its inception over 10 years ago and has been a consistent contributor to the Foundation’s mission for over 30 years.

The Foundation has distributed over $30 million to families and children of the California Highway Patrol during times of need and crisis related to officer service in the line of duty. This year’s tournament takes place on April 26, 2019 at the Montebello Country Club with the ceremony and event at Quiet Cannon Conference & Event Center afterward.

Gabriella Muñoz