• Montebello Police Foundation Honors Quiet Cannon

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    The Montebello Police Foundation and Montebello Police Department recently honored Quiet Cannon Montebello for hosting the Salute to Public Safety Luncheon in May of 2019. Councilmember, Kimberly Cobos Cawthorne and Montebello Police Chief, Brad Keller presented Brad Perrin, Quiet Cannon President and CEO, Sean Shamim, General Manager and Nick Reischl, Operations Manager with an honorary plaque of appreciation.

    “It was an honor to host the luncheon. Our community is lucky to have the hard-working men and women of the Montebello Police Department to keep us safe,” stated Perrin. “We are looking forward to supporting the police department and it’s events for many years to come,” echoed Shamim.

    Quiet Cannon was proud to have hosted the event, which honors the men and women of the Montebello Police Department for all of their hard work, dedication, and contributions to the safety of the community. “Mr. Perrin and Mr. Shamim have always gone above and beyond to show their support for the men and women of the Montebello Police Department. Mr. Perrin did not hesitate to offer the facility, food and beverages for this event, when asked. Without Mr. Perrin’s generosity and Mr. Shamim’s assistance in planning this event we may not have had the opportunity to show the hard working men and women of the Montebello Police Department just how much they are appreciated by the community they serve,” beamed Brad Keller, Montebello Police Chief.

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    YMCA at Quiet Cannon 2019

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    Quiet Cannon Montebello, Home2 Suites Los Angeles Montebello, and Hilton Garden Inn Los Angeles Montebello are proud to announce that two of its team members now serve on the Montebello-Commerce YMCA Board of Managers. Marbella Ortega, Quiet Cannon Director of Sales and Jessica Sandoval, Home2 Suites and Hilton Garden Inn Dual Director of Sales will now serve the Y, an inclusive organization of men, women and children joined together by a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibility.

    Since 1911, the YMCA has been helping kids realize their potential, preparing teens for college, encouraging family fun and healthy living, preparing people for employment, and fostering nationwide service ethics. “It would be an understatement to say that I am proud of Marbella and Jessica for their commitment to the Y and it’s mission. I have always admired the passion and dedication that Paul Parzik and all of the honorable board members have for the YMCA. Marbella and Jessica are in great company and I know they will do great things while serving the board,” said Brad Perrin, Quiet Cannon President and Managing Member of Home2 Suites and Hilton Garden Inn.

    “I am extremely proud to serve our community through the YMCA and it’s community focused programs. The YMCA has held it’s annual fundraiser at the Quiet Cannon for years so I am familiar with the team and impressive work they do. It’s an honor to work alongside them now as we prepare for this year’s fundraiser and an honor to serve the community I grew up in,” said Marbella Ortega, Quiet Cannon Director of Sales. Jessica Sandoval, Hilton Dual Brand Director of Sales echoed Marbella stating that, “The Y has been positively impacting Montebello and the surrounding communities for many years and I am honored to now serve on the Board of Managers to continue improving the quality of life for our community members.”

    Quiet Cannon has been proud to partner with and support the YMCA since 1974 through participation in annual galas and charitable events. YMCA also works alongside Quiet Cannon for the annual Christmas at the Cannon event supporting local disenfranchised families and youth in the Montebello area.

    Quiet Cannon, Home2 Suites and Hilton Garden Inn look forward to further supporting the YMCA and its mission at its annual gala later this year on November 8th, 2019.

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    Rotary Honors Brad Perrin of Quiet Cannon

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    On October 16, 2019, during its weekly, Wednesday chapter meeting, The Rotary Club of Montebello honored Brad Perrin of the Quiet Cannon with a plaque of appreciation for over 40 years of meeting accommodations for the nonprofit organization. The chapter, chartered by Rotary International in 1924, supports local and international initiatives ranging from the George R. Hensel Ethics Essays contest to global polio eradication. The club also organizes humanitarian projects of all levels and encourages its members to uphold high ethical standards in order to improve societal health and shape the community and the world.

    Rotary Governor, Luanne Arredondo, a fourth generation Rotarian visiting the chapter, honored members who have contributed years of service in the name of local and global community progress. Bill Nighswonger received a proclamation from Rotary International District 5300 in recognition of his 62 years of contributions to society and humanity. Furthermore, Edgar Morales was honored for many years of fundraising efforts as chairman of the annual golf tournament.

    The Rotary Club of Montebello takes pride in the accomplishments of its existing members and is always happy to recruit local business professionals who are looking to take an active role in their communities, while greatly enriching their personal and professional lives. The newest members, inducted at the October 16th meeting include, Montebello City Manager Rene Bobadilla, Assistant City Manager Arlene Salazar, Quiet Cannon Operations Manager Nick Reischl and banker Nancy Machado. All four local, business professionals were unanimously welcomed to join the nonprofit group.

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    Women of Wealth Hosting at Quiet Cannon

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    On July 28, 2019, hundreds of women leaders from the business, civic, nonprofit and entrepreneurial arenas gathered at the Skyview Room at Quiet Cannon for the launch of the Women of Wealth (WoW) networking and empowerment program.

    Guests were greeted at the Quiet Cannon entry kiosk with a rose by the campus hosts and were escorted under umbrellas into the beautiful venue where they were seated before the program. The event began with brunch and networking as the founder and CEO of Women of Wealth, Christina Cortez, kicked off the event with a welcome message and introduction of the day’s speakers.

    The panel of speakers included Social Impact Author, Amy Neumann, Executive Leadership Coach Janet Ifekwunigwe and personal development coach, Carla Fields. Serving as the Mistress of Ceremonies was local KNBC-Channel 4 news reporter Lolita Lopez who shared her inspiring story as a Latina journalist and cancer survivor.

    Each speaker spoke to the need for every woman to challenge herself to create a pathway to enrichment by making plans to improve their business acumen, personal growth and health. This empowerment series also gave guests the opportunity to sign up for one-on-one mentoring sessions with WoW’s coaches to help focus on personal goal setting and creating a positive balance in life to achieve their individual visions of success and wealth. In between speakers, the program included raffles and thanks to everyone who made the event possible, and spoke on WOW’s future as a company. Marbella Ortega, Quiet Cannon’s Director of Sales stated, “It was truly inspiring to see women of all types of walks empowering one another and an honor to have it be a part of the Quiet Cannon.”

    Guests were challenged to share their experiences and knowledge with other women to create a movement of success to help others break through corporate glass ceilings and achieve long-term success. A preview of WoW’s second event, slated for early 2020 at Quiet Cannon, was also revealed. Quiet Cannon General Manager, Sean Shamim said that he was pleased to host Women of Wealth now and in the future because, “women empowered enrich entire families and entire communities.” Brad Perrin, Quiet Cannon President echoed, “Our team encourages women of power and action and strongly supports women in business by adopting a pro women-in-management hiring practice.”

    Women of Wealth and Quiet Cannon invite you wear your crown at the next event on January 19, 2020. You may visit for more information or contact WoW directly by phone or email at (949) 623-8334 or Information regarding next year’s event will be available soon.

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    Christmas at the Cannon

    June 18, 2019 | Posted By: | Blog · News |

    This year, in collaboration with the YMCA, Royal Paper Box, Montebello Police Department and many more kind hearted organizations and individuals, Planet LifeForce, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and Quiet Cannon, a Montebello community staple, will host the 36th Annual Christmas at the Cannon, an event serving our community during the season of giving. Planning for this year’s event has officially begun! On Tuesday, December 24, 2019 between the hours of 9 am and 1 pm, Christmas at the Cannon will provide holiday meals to at least 4000 less fortunate members of our community and toys will be gifted to every child.

    At this year’s event families can enjoy an upgraded brunch menu, a live band and carolers, clowns, photo opportunities with Santa Claus and surprise visitors from the North Pole! Following in the same successful pattern of previous years, families will be provided warm, nutritious meals and grocery gift cards and children will be provided with multiple Christmas gifts to take home in the spirit of giving. For many Montebello families, Christmas at the Cannon has become a treasured holiday tradition and highlight of the season. Over the past 35 years an estimated 100,000 families have benefitted from the good will and holiday cheer found at Christmas at the Cannon.

    “We’re looking forward to transforming the Quiet Cannon into a winter wonderland for our 37th year and feeding even more families in order to share the spirit of Christmas with our friends and neighbors,” said Brad Perrin of Quiet Cannon. Sean Shamim of Quiet Cannon also commented stating, “This event would not be possible without the support of Brad Perrin, Bucky Dennis and the compassionate volunteers and donors. For the last 36 years they have made Christmas a wonderful and cheerful experience for the community.”

    Christmas at the Cannon is organized, operated and funded solely by benevolent volunteers and generous contributors. The organization is currently accepting donations to fund gift procurement, holiday entertainment, and winter wonderland elements that will bring holiday cheer to Montebello. Donations and contributions can be made online at 100% of all donations directly support the event. If you’d like to volunteer to support the event and enrich the lives of our community members during the holiday season, please contact Kiersten Lewis at

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    CHP Day At Quiet Cannon

    May 29, 2019 | Posted By: | Blog · News |

    CHP officers, dispatchers, senior volunteers and civilian employees all gathered at Quiet Cannon today, May 29, 2019 to celebrate CHP Day, an event that recognizes exemplary uniformed and non-uniformed employees of the California Highway Patrols Southern Division. The event, presented by POLAC, honors CHP employees for providing the highest level of safety, service and security.

    The CHP southern Division, while geographically smaller than the 7 other divisions in California, employs the largest number of employees and serves over 10 million residents in 64 communities from Malibu to the Inland Empire. Employees and officers from all over Southern California traveled to the event via helicopter, 1950’s CHP squad cars and even racecars proudly sporting the CHP decal. “It is a pleasure to serve our chicken adobo to over 600 CHP employees and their families today, said Sean Shamim Quiet Cannon General Manager.

    Quiet Cannon would like to thank Juan Galvan who has been working hard to organize this event on behalf of the CHP Southern Division since 2013. “It has always been a pleasure working with him. We will miss him next year after he leaves the program, but wish him the best in all of his future endeavors,” said Marbella Ortega, Quiet Cannon Director of Event Sales. Brad Perrin of Quiet Cannon echoed this sentiment and stated that Quiet Cannon, “feels honored to host California’s finest so that they may be recognized for all of their hard work. The annual CHP Day Luncheon has been hosted here for over 10 years and we hope to continue that tradition in the future.”

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    Summer Youth Employment Golf Tournament 2019

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    The 37th Annual Summer Youth Employment Program Golf Tournament will be hosted by the City of Montebello’s Recreation and Community Services Department at Quiet Cannon on May 3, 2019. The Summer Youth Employment Program, founded in 1982, provides Montebello youth with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, give back to the community, and get paid.

    “The Summer Youth Employment Program gives our community’s youth the opportunity to earn an income and learn skills that are necessary in the workplace. Quiet Cannon fully supports the program’s initiatives. We are happy to host the awards banquet again this year,” said Brad Perrin of Quiet Cannon.

    An awards banquet with drinks and appetizers will be held at Quiet Cannon immediately following the tournament. SYEP Sponsorships opportunities for the golf tournament, beginning promptly at 8 a.m. this Friday, May 3rd, are now closed, but a raffle will be held at Quiet Cannon following the event. Proceeds will directly benefit the Summer Youth Employment Program.

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    Top of the Town Mixer at Quiet Cannon

    April 25, 2019 | Posted By: | Blog · News |

    Hosted & organized by the Montebello Chamber of Commerce in order to bring civic and business leaders together, Top of the Town is an invitation-only event hosted at Quiet Cannon Conference & Event Center in Montebello on April 25, 2019.

    “With new councilmembers bringing fresh ideas to the City of Montebello, it is an ideal time for civic and business leaders to gather together and work together on moving Montebello forward,” said Brad Perrin of Quiet Cannon.

    With Presenting Sponsors The Shops of Montebello and Southern California Gas Company, The Chamber presents community mixers for business leaders within the City of Montebello.

    “Quiet Cannon is proud to continue hosting the Montebello Chamber of Commerce events and promote civic-business relations within the City,” stated Sean Shamim, General Manager of Quiet Cannon.

    Four new councilmembers in the City of Montebello have been elected since November 2018, creating a period of dynamic change and new ideas within the City.

    Gabriella Muñoz

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    Quiet Cannon Hosts CHP 11-99 Foundation Golf Tournament

    April 25, 2019 | Posted By: | Blog · News |

    Founded in 1982 by Robert Weinberg for the purpose of ensuring support for families off wounded and downed California Highway Patrol officers, the CHP 11-99 Foundation hosts their annual charity golf tournament for the East Los Angeles division at the Montebello Country Club with a ceremony hosted by Quiet Cannon Conference & Event Center.

    “We are proud to continue partnering with the CHP 11-99 Foundation and contribute to their support for families and children of our wounded and fallen officers,” said Brad Perrin of Quiet Cannon Montebello. Quiet Cannon has been hosting the CHP 11-99 Foundation golf tournament since its inception over 10 years ago and has been a consistent contributor to the Foundation’s mission for over 30 years.

    The Foundation has distributed over $30 million to families and children of the California Highway Patrol during times of need and crisis related to officer service in the line of duty. This year’s tournament takes place on April 26, 2019 at the Montebello Country Club with the ceremony and event at Quiet Cannon Conference & Event Center afterward.

    Gabriella Muñoz

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    Spring Activities in California

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    The great outdoors is once again calling to us as spring sneaks quietly on by. Soon the summer sun will be high in the sky, the beaches, trails and highways will be crowded but right now the Spring months offer an opportunity like no other to get out and enjoy the best that California has to offer: from leisurely rounds of golf, to hiking in the world-renowned State Parks, or bouncing in the surf off the California coast.

    Yosemite in Spring

    Yosemite comes alive in spring with winter snow melts driving rivers and waterfalls to their most beautiful peak flows. It’s also the perfect time to hike along Hite Cove Trail, one of the most scenic in the state with thousands upon thousands of beautiful spring wildflowers in bloom. And, by going early in the spring, you can avoid the heat and annoying summer crowds!

    Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree National Park features a little something for everyone. From the miles-long auto tour to various ranger-guided tours you can see the highlights of the park in a day…but it would take a lifetime to see it all. With 12 nature walks and hiking trails for every level of ability, Joshua Tree is one of the most foot-friendly parks around. There are also over 400 rock climbing formations available for the adventurous. And spring is the best time to visit Joshua Tree — the weather is absolutely spectacular. Plus, you’ll get to see the flowers in full bloom before the summer droughts kick in.

    Whale Watching

    Spring is the perfect time to go whale watching in California. Huge groups of Gray and Blue Whales herd together during the spring and fall to migrate to and from their ancestral stomping grounds. Whale watching is best between the Channel Islands and the mainland and but tours leave daily from harbors all up and down the California coast. Just be sure to pack your binoculars and cameras and bring your sense of wonder.


    Spring also marks the unofficial start of the golf season — and what could be more relaxing than a round of golf in the cool spring breeze? Quiet Cannon’s golf course is an 18-hole Championship course open daily. The facility also features a full-service café, catering options, and even tournament packages for private parties!

    Quiet Cannon also offers the area’s most impressive Easter Brunch, with favorites the whole family will enjoy. In addition to traditional options like ham, this year’s meal features shrimp and snow crab, prime rib, omelet and fajitas stations, chicken crepes, cheese blintzes and so much more! But book your reservation fast – the place fills up quickly.

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    Unique Valentine Ideas for Men

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    Last week we shared ideas on how to pamper the ladies on Valentine’s Day. But, let’s face it, not too many guys would welcome the prospect of loafing around in robes and getting their nails done. So what do you do for that special guy while you’re getting your glam on? Golf. It’s one of the top recreational activities in L.A. and there is a top-tier championship golf course right in the heart of it all.

    Quiet Cannon Banquet and Reception Facility is home to an immaculately maintained 18-hole golf course that has played host to private tournaments, weddings, family reunions and more. Let your man spend the day relaxing his way while chasing that illusive little white ball around in the grass.

    Rounds of golf are extremely affordable and with tee times throughout the day you can plan an outing for your man that fits right into your Valentine’s Day preparations. (Did I mention gift certificates are available as well if you want to “keep him on the hook” a little bit longer.)

    Valentine’s Night in Los Angeles

    And after a relaxing day spent your way, it’s time to reconnect over dinner or find something unique to do together in the city of excess.

    Long Beach Gondola Rides

    Just a short drive away from the center of L.A., Long Beach offers a unique gondola getaway for you and your loved one. These manual boats operate right out of the marina and are available throughout the day with dining options, champagne service, and starlight cruises available. So book yours now and snuggle up as the stars come out over California. Visit for more info.

    LACMA “Night at the Museum”

    Located at 5905 Wilshire Blvd., the Los Angeles County Museum of Art offers a unique evening experience. You can travel through time and space with exhibits such as the futuristic and slightly surreal designs of Stanley Kubrick, the Fritz Lang inspired expressionist cinema exhibit (featuring Dr. Caligari (1920) and Metropolis (1927)), or the ancient Maya world with actual artifacts! (So what if the apocalypse didn’t come?) Call 323-857-6000 for more info or visit for a full schedule of events.

    And don’t forget they have a wonderful restaurant, Ray’s, right on-site. It was “hailed by Esquire as “One of the best new restaurants of 2011” and has been called “a feast for the senses.”

    Make It Special

    Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s Day, Quiet Cannon wishes you and yours a memorable day and a long and happy relationship.

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    Unique Valentine’s Ideas for Women

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    If you’re looking for a special way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in L.A. all it takes is a little thinking outside the box. Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate the love you share but it doesn’t mean you have to be glued to each other’s hips. Sometimes showing your love means putting the other person first and giving them some “alone time” whether it’s on the links, in the spa, or on the masseuse’s table. But don’t worry, there are plenty of activities in the Los Angeles area to reconnect you, all rested and refreshed after a relaxing day alone, when the sun goes down.

    In today’s post you’ll find ideas on how to pamper your special lady on Valentines DAY. Next month we’ll give you ideas on what to gift your fine gentlemen for his special Valentines DAY – and then where you can enjoy some romantic escapes come nightfall.

    “Me Time” for the Ladies

    Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you: is there any better way to show your love than helping your special someone feel pampered and polished? Los Angeles is home to some of the best day spas around, ranging from high-end and exclusive to affordable and chic. Below are just three of the best-of-the-best within driving distance of Quiet Cannon.

    Le Petite Retreat Day Spa

    Located at 331 N. Larchmont Blvd. this spa is one of the most beautiful and critically acclaimed in L.A. It has been featured in magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Lucky, and the Holy of Holies Cosmopolitan. Big-name stars like Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, and Johnny Depp have been spotted here but enjoying warm stone deep-tissue massages, salt and herb wraps, hydrotherapy and more but treatments range from just $60 and up! Call (323) 466-1028 for appointments.

    Voda Spa

    Located at 7700 Santa Monica Boulevard, this delightfully ethnic spa features traditional Russian therapies such as banya, saunas, steam baths, and platza with modern glycolic skin peels and exotic body wraps. Call 323-654-4411 for more info.

    Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa

    Hidden away at 25000 Glen Ivy Road in Corona, this spa is a little bit out of the way but the unique natural hot springs make the experience one-of-a-kind. It’s been a fixture in the L.A. area for over150 years! But it’s not all about mud and hot water. Glen Ivy offers professional nail and skin treatments in addition to mineral springs and soothing mineral mud baths. Call 1-888-GLENIVY for more.

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    How To Stay Fit For The Holidays

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    With the holiday season now upon us, some of you may be slightly fearful of what this may mean to your waistline. You may get anxious at the thought of all the holiday events, banquets, and other social functions that you’ll be attending and all the food that comes along with them.

    The great news is that there’s absolutely no reason you can’t attend all these events and still come out with your weight intact. It just requires a game plan so that you know how to eat properly and burn off extra calories throughout the day so that when you do indulge a little at these events, it has no influence on your body weight.

    Here are a few quick tips on how to stay fit over this holiday season.

    Plan Outdoor Activities

    The very first thing that you should be doing is scheduling outdoor active pursuits with friends and family, rather than indoor get-togethers where you don’t do much other than sit around and visit. If you can get active together, you’ll still enjoy spending time with these people but yet will burn off hundreds of calories in the process.

    Get outside and take in something that you haven’t done for a while – it’ll help make the holiday season special while still allowing you to connect with friends and family.

    Focus On Greens & Protein

    Second, when it comes to your ‘base diet’, that is the meal plan that you follow most of the time, try and focus as much as possible on strictly eating green vegetables and lean proteins. This will help put you in primary fat burning mode so that you can burn off any indulge you do have as you attend events.

    These two foods will provide you with almost all the nutrients you need to sustain good health and will keep your hunger and calorie level down.

    Supplement with a good multi-vitamin and fish oil and add a few pieces of fruit or a handful of nuts when you need an energy boost and you’ll be all set.

    Watch Your Beverages

    Another must-do for success that many people overlook is their beverage calories. You must start tracking these and paying more attention to what you’re taking in.

    Most people will not compensate for calories taken in through beverage format so if you’re downing hundreds of calories per day thanks to your drink choices, you’re going to gain weight.

    Try and stick to water and herbal teas as much as possible. These will work best to keep your weight down.

    Workout Early

    Finally, the last thing that you should be doing is aiming to workout as early in the morning as possible. If you leave your workout until later on in the day, it’s highly probably that something will come in and squeeze it out of your schedule.

    Get up and perform a fast 15 minute circuit first thing in the morning. It’ll jump-start your metabolism and you can leave the house knowing you’ve done something positive for your body that day.

    Keeping these quick tips in mind this holiday season you should have no problem coming out in the New Year without the traditional weight gain most people experience.

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    Quinceaneras Los Angeles

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    It’s your daughter’s Quinceanera and you need to find the perfect place to host this magical day. You’ll need the food to be catered, a large facility, and help planning the day your daughter’s been dreaming about for years.

    Quiet Cannon is an affordable banquet facility near Los Angeles that has everything you need to host a memorable Quinceanera.

    • Over 30,000 sq ft of private event space to accommodate up to 1,200 guests.
    • Breathtaking views of the Championship Golf Course and Los Angeles Skyline.
    • A full Catering Menu to select from including Buffet Style or Plated options.
    • Special Event packages to help save you money.
    • Expert event planners to help with every decision.

    Our catering staff is dedicated to helping you host this special celebration while saving you time and money. From the menu to the banquet room, we’ll help you make decisions based on budget and preference.

    Just follow these simple steps to get started planning your daughters upcoming Quinceanera:

    • Contact Quiet Cannon at 323.724.4500
    • Use the Shop and Compare feature on our website to see how our prices compare to nearby facilities.
    • Schedule a tour of our facilities to see which banquet room or outside event space will suit your event.
    • Reserve your event date.
    • Start thinking about your decorations. Don’t forget to include your daughter in the planning process.

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    Summer Wedding Fashion Tips

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Summer is a tricky season for wedding attire. And we want to help you get it right!

    If you receive a wedding invitation stressing the importance of a particular dress code, be sure to stick to it. If you are at all uncertain about whether what you are considering wearing to the wedding will be appropriate, check in with the bride, groom, or another contact who will be able to provide you with an honest opinion. If in doubt, go with a dressier look; while you certainly do not want to upstage the happy couple, you also do not want to insult anyone by dressing too casually.

    Decide what to wear in advance! If you’ve got a whole family to consider, making plans well in advance will definitely be beneficial; if you’ve only got yourself to be concerned with, deciding what to wear to the wedding well before the actual date will help you relax and enjoy the event even more.

    Finally, remember to relax and have fun! Summer weddings are by nature carefree events meant to be savored. With a thoughtful gift in hand, and joyful wishes for the bride and groom, you’ll be well prepared to enjoy what is certain to be a wonderful and memorable event.

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    Summer Wedding Styles for Boys and Men

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    While some weddings call for men and boys to be dressed in formal suits and ties, others call for a more relaxed dress code. Lightweight summer slacks and tropical weight dress shirts look and feel fantastic; lightweight jackets help guys achieve a pulled-together look without succumbing to the heat.

    Fit is important here – while you don’t want to wear clothing that is obviously baggy, it can be helpful to go for a loose, comfortable fit – this helps keep air circulating around your body in a crowded church or at a sunny garden wedding.

    Unless the wedding invitation specifies that jeans or shorts should be worn, these and other casual looks are normally not acceptable. One exception – toddler boys can get away with suits that incorporate short pants.

    Just as with women’s attire, men’s summer wedding attire can be fun and playful. A pocket square or a tie that incorporates the colors the bride and groom have chosen adds a nice touch that says you care.

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    Ladies Attire for a Summer Wedding

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    If you’ve been invited to a summer wedding, the question of what to wear is one that is normally at the top of the list. What should you wear, and what shouldn’t you wear? What’s appropriate wedding attire for men, and how should you dress the kids if they have been invited to attend? You’ll find some indispensable answers to these questions – and more – here.

    Summer Wedding Styles for Women and Girls

    No matter where the wedding is being held – whether it’s in a church, a garden, or a breezy gazebo, honor the bride and groom by looking your very best. For ladies, lightweight dresses in shades that say “summer” are an excellent option; teens and younger girls will look and feel fantastic in summery styles, as well. When selecting your own wardrobe, give a nod to the colors the happy couple have chosen to embody their joy; just be sure you don’t choose something that might have you confused as a member of the wedding party. In the same vein, whites and creams are not normally acceptable for anyone other than the bride. While wearing black to a wedding was once considered a major fashion faux pas, the shade is is definitely acceptable today, particularly for formal weddings.

    The caveat “dress appropriately for your age group” applies here. Leave kids’ and teen appropriate styles to the junior set, choosing styles you feel comfortable and attractive in. Today’s designers offer fantastic looks for all women, with fashions in sizes, shapes, and colors that will suit anyone. Take a style-savvy friend shopping with you to ensure you choose the right outfit, and you won’t end up wishing you had made a different decision.

    Finally, have a little fun with your look – chunky statement necklaces, fabulous shoes that show off your new pedicure, stacks of bangles, and glittering earrings are all wonderful accessories to consider. For outdoor weddings, consider wearing a hat; if you do wear one, be considerate of other guests and ensure your sun hat does not impede their view of the ceremony.

    Our next post will share fashion tips for Men and Boys. Check back soon!

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    The Nokia Theater

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    The Nokia Theater has played host to some of the best shows on Earth. From live tapings of American Idol to Tyler Perry’s Madea Gets a Job, the list of shows and events is as varied as you’d ever want it to be. One week you can stop by to see a Daughtry concert, the next your kids will be rocking out with Elmo during a Sesame Street Live performance.

    Just 10 miles from the Hilton Garden Inn located on Quiet Cannon property, the Nokia Theater is just fifteen minutes away. But there’s no reason the night has to end when the band leaves the stage.

    If you’re staying at the inn and want to keep the night rocking after a concert, just head on over to the QCs 20/20 club and get your dance on. This Vegas-style nightclub features two floors of dancing, great drink specials, and is just a two minute walk from the Hilton Garden Inn. You’ll enjoy a nightly rotation of the best in Top 40, Pop, Hip Hop, Latin Vibes, and all your favorite club music.

    No matter where you’re staying or what you’re doing in Montebello, the Quiet Cannon facility offers something for everyone: a championship golf course, restaurant and hotel facilities, and one of the best high-energy dance clubs outside of downtown L.A. If you’re planning a daytrip or a week-long visit, Quiet Cannon welcomes you.

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    Los Angeles Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    At Quiet Cannon, our goal is to make sure every part of your visit is enjoyable. Many individuals stay at our Hilton Garden Inn to attend a conference or wedding. In any case, taking some time for leisure activities is always refreshing and we hope you can spare some extra time to do just that. Today we’re sharing some information about the Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

    Just 12 miles from Quiet Cannon this lovely and historic cultural icon sits in the heart of the bustling city but is worlds apart. The Arboretum and Botanical gardens can trace its history all the way back to 500 B.C. thanks to the research of Scottish-born Naturalist Hugo Reid who claimed over 13,000 acres of Rancho Santa Anita in 1845 (much of which has survived as the arboretum and botanical gardens).

    The Los Angeles property is home to a vast array of plant and animal wildlife but architectural and natural history buffs will love the multiple historic structures on the property. From the adobe house at Rancho Santa Anita built by Hugo Reid himself to the fully restored 1890 train station at the Santa Anita depot and all the way back to the traditional reproduction “kiys” built from brush by the Tongva Indians (the original inhabitants of the land) the property has something for everybody.

    You can arrange guided tours or wander through the multiple gardens on your own with only a guest map and an eager mind (and don’t forget to bring your camera).

    They offer classes, plant sales, and even summer camps for children during the warmer months.

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    The California Science Center

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    The California Science Center is only 11 miles from Quiet cannon and represents one of the premier learning destinations in the L.A. area. From world-class travelling exhibitions such as “Cleopatra: The Exhibition” (Sponsored by National Geographic) to the space shuttle Endeavor, there’s something here for every kid (and everyone with a little kid in them).

    But it’s not all “boring, old, dusty stuff.” The science center features hands-on learning for the young ones with special programs that rotate regularly.

    There’s also an IMAX theater on hand showing wonderful films chronicling the nature of this little planet we call Earth.

    But if the greens are calling your name, the short 15-20 minute drive means you can drop off the rest of the family and pack your clubs up in time to pick them up.

    Check back for our post on The Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

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    The Orpheum Theatre

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Last month we started this series of attractions near Quiet Cannon. The first on our list of featured places to visit was The Hungtington Library. Today you’ll discover the elegence of the Orpheum Theatre.

    The world-famous Orpheum Theater is just 9 miles away from Quiet Cannon. The theater has housed everything from early Judy Garland Vaudeville acts to American Idol tapings and has seen its fair share of history in the 85 years since the doors opened.

    The style and architecture of the building are meant to bring back the glory days of Hollywood and the theater in generally when starving actors and actresses dreamed of making it big on stage and the big screen. Upon entering the Orpheum, you’ll step back in time and become surrounded by the luxury and opulence that only exists in memory.

    You can spend the day on the links at Quiet Cannon and the nights at the Orpheum enjoying world-class Broadway shows like Eric Idle’s hysterical “What About Dick?” in addition to special screenings of classic movies like the 1922 version of Robin Hood.

    The Orpheum is also available for corporate events and private parties. Check back later this month for a post about The California Science Center, just 11 miles from us.

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    The Huntington Library

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    The Quiet Cannon: Right in the Heart of It All

    The Quiet Cannon Banquet, Conference Center, and Café (did we mention the championship golf course) is centrally located on Via San Clemente in Montebello, California’s cultural heart. The surrounding area is full of cultural and educational destinations such as the California Science Center and the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. While many folks come to California to get that Hollywood experience or spend some time on the beach, there’s more to this great state than Mickey Mouse and surfer dudes.

    If you’re staying in or around Montebello, we have some excellent destination suggestions for you.

    The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

    Located just over 8 miles away from the Quiet Cannon facility, the Huntington Library is so much more than a library. The house was originally owned by Henry E. and Arbela Huntington who opened an art gallery there way back in 1928. The gallery, at the time, was the largest collection of 18th century British art on American soil.

    Since then, the house itself has become a museum to American history. Undergoing a $20 million renovation not that long ago, the house contains over 1,200 different art objects from America, the U.K., and Europe.

    In the Library you’ll find a copy of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales from 1410 and a Rare Gutenberg Bible dated at 1455.

    The art gallery has several permanent exhibitions and several which rotate on a regular basis so you’ll never see the same thing twice.

    And if natural beauty is more to your liking, the botanical gardens surrounding the library have become world renowned. In fact, the brand new Japanese gardens have just opened and feature simplistic Zen style coupled with traditional Japanese architecture.

    You can make a day of touring the museum and gardens or you can send the spouse off for a relaxing day basking in natural beauty while you return to Quiet Cannon for a few holes of golf on their championship course.

    Our next post will feature The Orpheum Theater

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    A Garden, A Gazebo, or A Golf Course?

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Last month we gave tips to keep in mind when choosing your wedding dress style. The ceremony location and reception also play a key role in your dress selection. Choosing the right wedding venue in Los Angeles will help to set the tone for the day, making it easy to determine the style of dress that best captures the mood. Quiet Cannon features an array of reception and wedding settings, allowing brides and grooms to choose a formal or casual venue, based on their preferences. A less formal garden ceremony would work well with an ethereal gown, simple accessories, and understated makeup. A golf course might be the ideal reception setting for a formal wedding and a lavish full wedding gown and a jeweled tiara.

    Because every detail of your wedding day must be in harmony, it’s vital that you take all things into consideration when you set out to find your perfect dress. Making your dream wedding come to life involves the right gown, ideal reception setting, and photographs you can cherish for years to come. Contact Quiet Cannon for more information about the many wedding event options.

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    Choosing Your Wedding Dress Style

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Delving Deeper Into the Selection Process

    Aside from the most talked about factors—like silhouette, color, and budget—there are endless other things to consider as you begin your quest for the perfect gown. The average bride-to-be has most likely envisioned her wedding day dozens of times over the years, making every detail critical. In order to bring that vision to life, each aspect of your special day must be just right. Armed with the best insight into wedding dress selection, you’ll be able to bring to life the vision you’ve had since childhood of the perfect wedding day. Whether you’ve always wanted a formal fairy-tale wedding or a simple sophisticated event, these tips will help you select the gown of your dreams.

    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    Your wedding pictures will exist in the lives of friends, family members, and your own life for decades. Hung on the walls of loved ones’ homes and adorning the mantelpiece in your own home, the wedding dress will play center stage in photographs captured all throughout your big day. Being able to cherish your wedding photos will hinge upon proper dress selection as much as your choice in photographer. Before you set out to shop for the dress of your dreams, consider the way you want your wedding memories to be captured.

    Time spent contemplating your vision of the ceremony will help to iron out many details of the dress. Ask yourself things like:

    • What time of day will we schedule the ceremony?
    • Where will we want the reception to be held?
    • Do we prefer traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between?

    With the sentiment of the day in mind, it’s possible to decide if you’ll want a simple flowing dress or an ornate formal gown. The end result of time spent pondering these important elements will be the wedding of your dreams and a wedding album you will treasure for a lifetime.

    The setting of the ceremony and the reception will also play a key role in dress selection. Check back next month for more info on how the venue will influence the style of your wedding dress.

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    How to Find The Perfect Wedding Dress

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Previously we shared some general guidelines about when to start shopping for wedding dresses. But today we are going to discuss some things to consider before you start shopping. In order to choose the perfect wedding dress, the bride-to-be must shop at the right boutiques. Based on budget and style preferences, you are likely to find ample shops in your area. Here are some tips:

    Appointments and Bridal Consultations

    Many boutiques require appointments for thorough bridal consultations. This allows wedding dress experts to assist in the selection process to ensure you find the perfect fit. Before you head out for a shopping excursion, make appointments for a better shopping experience.

    Online Shopping

    Although this has become a popular option for many shopping needs, it’s best to buy a wedding dress in person. The fittings are an essential element of dress selection, without which it can be difficult to find your dream gown.

    Favorite Designers

    Many brides have a certain dress designer in mind for the wedding gown. If you want to find a dress from a specific designer, search the shops in your area to make sure you find one that carries a line of dresses from your favorite designer(s). With these tips in mind, you can find the boutiques in your area that will simplify your search for the perfect dress.

    Other Useful Wedding Tips

    In addition to the countless hours spent trying on gowns, scores of brides opt for bridal shows that showcase various vendors, venues, and wedding service providers. Sampling foods, watching fashion shows, and meeting wedding planners will help brides-to-be find the support needed to plan the wedding of her dreams. In addition to being a stunning reception facility, Quiet Cannon offers an array of essential services to help brides with many vital wedding details. Each year, Quiet Cannon hosts a Bridal and Special Event Showcase, which features bakeries, florists, photographers, and other wedding service providers. Let Quiet Cannon assist with the key details of your wedding day.

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    Wedding Dress Basics

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    As a bride-to-be, the endless details of the wedding planning process can seem overwhelming. From dress selection to reception venue, you’ll want every aspect of the special day to be flawless. Most brides consider the wedding dress to be the most important element of making her day extraordinary. The perfect dress must encompass everything you’ve envisioned about the wedding. From color and style to designer and fit, there are many aspects that go into the selection process.

    Here at Quiet Cannon, we work with brides and wedding dress vendors practically every week, so we’ve decided to share some of the basics of how to find your wedding dress over the next few posts. Let’s get started by considering the first and most important question….

    When Should You Start Shopping for a Wedding Dress?

    Like all aspects of wedding planning, the timing of dress shopping varies from bride to bride. In most cases, the selection process begins soon after the proposal. Most bridal experts suggest beginning your quest for the ideal dress 9 months to a year before the wedding, in order to leave plenty of time for shopping trips, fittings, and alterations. The decision of when to begin shopping for the perfect wedding dress is entirely up to each bride, but it’s best to leave an abundance of time to shop the best bridal boutiques in your area.

    Check back in a couple weeks for Tips on finding the right bridal boutique for Your perfect dress…

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    High School Reunion Tips Part II

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Last week’s post outlined some basic tips for planning a successful high school reunion. Today we are going to give you a solution that will save you time and money.

    Normally, you’d need someone to handle all of the bookkeeping and physically mail out tickets to the reunion. Not only is this time consuming, it’s a hassle to handle cash and check collections. And what if someone wants to pay by credit card? Happily, there is a solution to this part of planning a high school reunion or other event. A free ticket sale service can do this job for you.

    They work with many venues, including Quiet Canon. When you hold your event at Quiet Canon, you can take advantage of the services offered by Guests can go directly to your event page where they can purchase tickets online to the Reunion. You can promote the event, list updates and log in to check who has paid for their tickets. All of this is at NO COST to the event planners. This entirely removes the need to collect checks and to create detailed bookkeeping logs. does this work for you so you can focus on other details of the reunion.

    Call 323-724-4500 and talk to a staff member at Quiet Canon today. Learn how your event planning can be easier than you ever thought possible. Hold your high school reunion where the hotel is just a few steps away and, as an added bonus, a championship golf course is located right on the grounds.

    Your high school reunion at Quiet Canon will be an event that you’ll never forget, and you will probably make holding it here a class tradition.

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    Planning High School Reunions Part I

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Planning a high school reunion is a lot of work, but there are ways that the job can be made much easier. By choosing an experienced facility and taking advantage of new services that are available, you can cut the amount of work that is needed to pull off a successful event.

    The first step is deciding when to have a reunion. Many classes want the first one to be at 10 years. Class members have had time to graduate from college, start careers and families and, basically, get settled into their lives. A general rule of thumb is to have a reunion either every five or 10 years. There is no right or wrong. It really just depends on the desire of the class.

    When choosing a venue for your high school reunion, there are many things to consider such as:

    • Menu
    • Room size
    • Facility amenities
    • Staff
    • Location
    • Experience

    Quiet Canon has been honored to host dozens of high school reunion, and our staff has it down to a science. We also have a lovely hotel located just steps from the facility. This means that reunion guests traveling from out of town would not need to arrange transportation from the hotel to the reunion. Even those who live in the area could rent a hotel room so that they would not have to worry about driving home at the end of the night.

    The facility is beautiful, and we have menu options to suit just about every budget. We have a variety of room sizes that can hold groups from 30 to 1200 people.

    Of course, even if you choose the best facility, there will still be time intensive jobs involved in planning your high school reunion. One of those jobs is keeping track of ticket sales. Collecting money and keeping a spreadsheet of who has paid can take a lot of time. Check back next week to read Part II that shares info on the free service available to you that will make this job a cinch.

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    Tips For Fabulous Costume Parties

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    This is the time of year that everyone has costume parties on their minds, but costume parties are a fun choice anytime. This type of party is a great choice for birthday parties, fundraisers and even corporate parties. Of course, for a corporate costume party, it might be a good idea to have the human resources department write some guidelines just so things don’t get out of hand.

    Here are some tips for an unforgettable costume party.

    The Venue

    As is the case with most parties, the venue is one the most important choices that you’ll make. For a costume party, you want a room that is large enough to accommodate all sorts of costume party fun, such as a costume parade or costume fashion show.

    Quiet Cannon has hosted many costume parties. We have ample space for most size groups, a helpful staff and wonderful menu options.

    The Costumes

    So the theme of your party is a costume party, but how about a theme within a theme? You can choose as broad or as narrow of a theme as you’d like. From this theme your guests would develop their costume ideas. For example, the theme for an animal fundraiser could be Noah’s Ark. This leaves plenty of room for creativity. Guests could be animals, Noah, a dove, an olive branch…the possibilities are endless. For a corporate law event, the theme could be justice. Again, this theme provides plenty of opportunity for creative costume ideas.

    The Invites

    One thing that must be done with a lot of thought for a costume party is the invitations. You need to make sure they include all the information a guest might need. Don’t forget to include the following:

    Date, time, location
    Costume theme (if any)
    Special instructions/rules about costumes (if any)
    Information about contests, parades or other special events that will take place at the party
    Menu choices (if applicable)
    Costume parties are always a ton of fun. When you choose Quiet Cannon for your event, you can be sure that it will be a hit with all of your guests.

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    Bridal Resources

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Most brides are obsessed with every detail of their wedding, and rightfully so. This is the day that she has been dreaming about since she was a little girl. It only stands to reason that she would want the day to be perfect.

    Quiet Cannon wants to help brides with those details. One way that we are doing that is by hosting another Bridal and Special Event Showcase here in Los Angeles. The event gives brides a chance to see our facility, meet with local vendors and sample some of our most popular menu items.

    If you are planning a wedding, this bridal show is an event that you MUST attend. You will be able to finalize many details for your big day without the need to run all over town. We have brought the best vendors together in one place. Don’t miss this special bridal event.

    Quiet Cannon is a favorite venue for brides, and it’s easy to see why. Below are some of the fabulous features that we offer to all of our brides:

    A dedicated staff member to help you plan your dream wedding
    We can accommodate both ceremony and reception – no need to book two separate venues
    An on-site hotel means out-of-town guests can take a short stroll to your wedding
    Guests never pay for parking at Quiet Cannon
    Affordable rates to suit most any budget
    Views that are almost as breathtaking as the bride

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    How to Spend Labor Day in Los Angeles

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    If you live, work or play in Los Angeles you know that there is never a shortage of things to do. Labor Day weekend is no exception. Below are a few ideas to help you say goodbye to summer.

    Hermosa Beach Pier

    If you love art then check out the Hermosa Beach Pier on Labor Day weekend. You’ll find more than 250 booths featuring painting, photographs, sculptures and more. Live music, fabulous food and a kiddie carnival will round out the fun.

    Los Angeles County Fair

    As is the case each year, the Los Angeles County Fair will open on Labor Day weekend and run through October 2. Rides, music and the kind of food that you can only get at a fair (fried Twinkies, anyone?) are a few reasons to stop by.


    Need an excuse for a round of golf? The end of summer seems like a pretty good one. Quiet Cannon’s Montebello golf course is a 18-hole championship facility. You can even get in a little practice on their driving range. If you have a group, consider a Championship Golf Package that includes fabulous food along with first class golf. For more information or tee times call 323-887-4565.

    A Goodbye Summer Lunch

    Quiet Cannon is also the perfect spot to host a goodbye to summer lunch. Whether you just want to gather with a few friends or want to make this party a large event, the staff at Quiet Cannon can help you pull it all together. You can also stop by the café for an impromptu summer send-off.

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    Stay Cool in August

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    The weather in Los Angeles, California is usually something to brag about but let’s face it: sometimes it’s just hot! Here are some ways to beat the heat on any budget.

    No Budget

    Grab a towel and some sunscreen and hit the beach. A good book and a cooler full of drinks is all that you’ll need to keep the summer heat at bay. Of course, there are many beaches to choose from. You’ll just have to decide if you want a party atmosphere like you’ll find at Venice Beach or something a bit more low-key, such as Seal Beach.

    Low Budget

    The Raging Waters Water Park is a great place to stay cool without emptying your wallet. While a one-day ticket ($34.98 for guests over 48” tall and $19.98 for shorter guests) may not seem like such a great bargain, this park makes the low-budget list because of its low-cost season passes. Just $69.98 (or $109.98 with parking included) gets you an entire summer of cool fun.

    What Budget?

    If the sky is the limit then consider renting a private yacht for a little vacation to Catalina Island? Newport Yacht Charters offers the ICON, a 120-foot luxury yacht. You will be pampered in every way during your time on the ICON. This includes gourmet meals, attentive staff and even a dive master who will be on staff during your vacation. Call 949-515-1950 for more information.

    Use THEIR AC

    Keeping the AC running can get expensive. Turn yours off for a few hours and head over the Quiet Cannon for a delicious breakfast or lunch. There is no extra charge for icy cold AC!

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    Hosting a Golf Tournament in Los Angeles

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    What could be more relaxing than an afternoon spent golfing with friends? If you are lucky enough to live in or near Los Angeles, then the fabulous weather cooperates year-round, meaning there isn’t a golfing “season”. You can enjoy time on the green all year long!

    Many people in the Los Angeles area are aware that Quiet Cannon is a wonderful place to hold a wedding or other special event. But, some are not aware that Quiet Cannon is also home to a championship golf course.

    If you are looking for where to golf in Los Angeles, Montebello golf course, on which Quiet Cannon sits, is a perfect choice. This 18 hole, par 71 municipal golf course offers all of the amenities that you would expect. There is also the fabulous Quiet Cannon café. Stop in for a light snack or a full course meal after your game.

    Golf Course Tournaments

    A golf tournament is a great fundraising event or a way to thank clients for their business.

    Golf Course Tournaments 101

    Anyone can organize and host a golf course tournament. Below are some tips.

    As a Thank You

    If you are hosting the event as a thank you to clients, then you want to be sure to send the invitations out well in advance. It is usually better to hold such events during the week. Because it is a work-related event, you will probably have a better turnout during the week. Most folks will be happy for an afternoon off of work, but may be less likely to come out on a weekend to meet with business contacts.

    Since this is a thank you event, you will not be charging a fee. If you want, you can offer to allow the invitees to bring a guest for a small fee. Offer prizes to the winner on each team. Another fun idea is to have a special prize for anyone who makes a verified hole in one.

    For a Fundraiser

    Hosting a golf course tournament for a fundraiser is a whole different animal. Advertising will be the key to your events success. If you don’t get the word out then you won’t have the participation that you need. Because it is a fundraiser, you will charge an entry fee for each golfer. This is one way that you will make money for the selected charity.

    Another way to make money is to allow businesses to sponsor the event. Each business will pay a certain amount for their sponsorship and will be allowed to set up a table at the tournament and/or have their logo printed on all tournament-related materials.

    You will need to offer prizes, but since the tournament is for charity, you can probably get the prizes donated by local businesses rather than having to purchase them.

    Quiet Cannon is a PERFECT venue for any type of golf course tournament. In addition to the beautiful course, Quiet Cannon has a special golf tournament menu. There are several menu options from which to choose and with prices starting at just $8 per person; you can feed a crowd without blowing your budget.

    When considering where to golf in Los Angeles, whether for a round with friends or for a golf course tournament, Quiet Cannon is a fabulous choice.

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    Summer is Here! Time to Party!

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    It is hard to believe that summer has once again rolled around. With summer comes vacations, weddings, and lots of summer parties. Of course, the weddings and parties often go hand in hand. Bachelor parties and bridal showers are two events that are quite popular during summer in the months leading up to those summer weddings.

    Below are some tips about throwing memorable bachelor parties and bridal showers and why Quiet Cannon is an ideal venue for them both.

    Bachelor Parties

    The bachelor parties of today are not necessarily the same lude events that they once were. Today, some men just want to get together with their friends for a few drinks, a good meal and some laughs. Here are some things to keep in mind:

    It’s The Groom’s Party

    If the groom says he doesn’t want a stripper, believe him. Not every guy wants to celebrate his impending wedding by getting a lap dance from a girl name Candy Sue. It might be YOUR idea of a good time, but since this bachelor party is, in theory at least, for the groom, respect his wishes.

    All About The Food

    One thing that almost all guys have in common is that they want to be able to throw down some great food when they get together. At Quiet Cannon, we offer a menu that is diverse and flexible. Of course, everything that we serve is top quality, which makes us one of the best bachelor party locations in Los Angeles!

    When to Have the Party

    Traditionally, the bachelor party would be held the night before the wedding. This is a bad idea for a couple of reasons. First, the groom might be needed to help with last minute details and entertain out of town guests. Also, if you plan to partake of some liquid refreshment, the groom may not be his best for the wedding.

    Instead of having the bachelor party the night before the wedding, have it a bit earlier. This will make things less rushed and give the groom plenty of time to recuperate before his big day.

    Bridal Showers

    Guest List

    Formulating the guest list for a bridal shower can be tricky. There are some people that you are sort of obligated to invite, i.e. future mother-in-law, grumpy bridesmaid cousin etc. Of course, you have to invite these guests, but you can be creative with the seating plan to achieve the most harmonious shower possible.

    You also want to get some input from the bride-to-be as she might have co-workers or old friends that she would like to be invited to her special day.


    One similarity between the bachelor party and the bridal shower is that the food is a big part of the event. As is the case with bachelor parties, Quiet Cannon is one of the best bridal shower locations in Los Angeles thanks to our customizable menu options and staff that can help make your selections an easy process.

    Cake and Décor

    It is fun to try and bring in some of the wedding colors to the bridal shower décor, but be sure that you are not giving away more of the wedding day details than the bride wants to. Some brides like to keep everything a secret until her wedding day, so if you do use some décor to reflect her wedding day choices, be sure it is done in a subtle way.

    Quiet Cannon’s fabulous food and helpful staff make us a great choice for all types of summer parties in Los Angeles. Our flexible event space means that we can accommodate bachelor parties and bridal showers of all sizes. Visit us today to see why we are one of the top bachelor party and bridal shower locations in Los Angeles.

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    2014 Summer Weddings

    June 29, 2013 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Summer weddings are so beautiful in this part of the country. With lots of fine summer wedding venues in Los Angeles, you have many choices when it comes to where to hold your ceremony and reception. Quiet Cannon is one of the most beautiful summer wedding venues in the area, and our staff will work with you to make sure that every detail of your big day meets your expectations.

    Natural is Beautiful

    Summer and the beauty of nature go hand in hand. That is why it is not a surprise that a hot summer wedding trend is using things found in nature to create the décor for your wedding. This includes skipping the candles for your centerpieces and instead choosing plants, rocks, greenery and other natural items.

    Whether your wedding is to be held indoors or outdoors, try to include as many natural elements as possible.

    Bright Colors are Hot

    The powers that be have decided that pale, soft colors for a summer wedding are out and bright, bold colors are the way to go. Imagine your bridesmaids dressed in a bright pink or bold orange standing next to you in your white wedding gown.

    The bright color trend extends to the flowers as well. Your bouquets are another way to provide a bright pop of color for your summer wedding.

    A Cool Summer Refreshment

    In years past, there have been new summer drinks that were a must have at weddings. This year that must-serve wedding drink is a wine smoothie. These beverages are both delicious and refreshing on a warm summer day.

    Go Green

    Here is a trend that is not exactly new and is not just for summer. While the idea of having a green wedding has been around for a while, the idea continues to pick up steam and is especially hot for summer weddings in 2014.

    There are many ways that you can “green” your summer wedding.

    • Choose recycled items when possible
    • Use flowers from organic sources
    • Allow guests to RSVP via email rather than having to use additional paper

    Those are just a few of the many ways that you can have a wedding that is environmentally friendly.

    When you choose Quiet Cannon for the backdrop to your trendy summer wedding you will have the chance to save money because we offer special rates for special dates. Even if you are planning a wedding on very short notice, there is a good chance that we will be able to not only accommodate your wedding, but offer you a great rate as well.

    When it comes to summer wedding venues in Los Angeles, it is tough to beat Quiet Cannon. Give us a call today to see how we can help you make your summer wedding dreams come true.

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    4 Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day in Los Angeles

    September 24, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so you need to start thinking of ideas to make Mother’s Day special. Those celebrating Mother’s Day in Los Angeles have the benefit of fabulous weather and lovely spots for a perfect Mother’s Day brunch. Below are four ideas for making Mother’s Day special. Of course, there are plenty of other options, but these ideas can help to spur your creativity and help you plan your own special day.

    1. Childhood Memory Tour – If you grew up in the area, one of the most touching ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in Los Angeles is with a childhood memory tour. Drive your mom to some of the places that hold a special place in your heart – your childhood home, the playground where your mother nursed your skinned knee and the school where your mom rooted for you during your track meets. At each place that you stop, tell her about your special memories of her that you have there.

    If possible, have another family member film the tour so that your mom can revisit this very special day again and again. This very special Mother’s Day idea can also be followed by a delicious brunch.

    2. Spa Day – Who doesn’t love a spa day? Tell your mom to be ready to go early and then treat her to the works: manicure, pedicure, facial, massage and any other treatments that you think she will enjoy! After her day of pampering, take her out to brunch. It’s even more fun to get spa treatments together, so you might as well treat yourself to a mani, pedi, and facial as well!

    3. HER Day – Throughout the year, quietly make notes of places in the area that your mother says she’d like to visit. This could include museums, art galleries, a beautiful garden or even a special boutique. For a Mother’s Day idea that she’ll never forget, pick her up and take her to a few of those spots. She’ll marvel that you took note of places she would like to visit, and this will show her how much she means to you.

    4. Mother’s Day Brunch – When it comes to Mother’s Day in Los Angeles, the best place for Mother’s Day brunch is Quiet Cannon. The brunch is offered on Mother’s Day from 9:00 to 3:00. On the menu are scrumptious choices such an omelet station, crab legs, shrimp, salmon, salads, a dessert station and much more.

    It is easy to make Mother’s Day in Los Angeles memorable. No matter how you choose to make Mother’s Day special, follow it up with a delicious meal in an elegant setting. When it comes to Mother’s Day brunch in Los Angeles, you cannot do better than Quiet Cannon.

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    Bridal Shows at Quiet Cannon

    September 24, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Brides-to-be need all of the help that they can get in planning their wedding. That is one reason why attending a bridal show is such a great idea. Quiet Cannon hosts four bridal shows each year, and we are confident that once you see our amazing facility and taste our fabulous food, that you will stop looking for your reception venue, because you will have found the best.

    We are simply one of the top spots in Los Angeles for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Our bridal shows give you the chance to see firsthand what our ballrooms look like when they are decked out for an event. But, previewing our facility is only one of the reasons to attend one of our bridal shows.


    When you attend one of our bridal shows, you will be able to meet some of the best vendors in Los Angeles, including photographers, bakeries, florists, and DJ’s. See samples of the vendors work, read reviews from past clients and ask any questions that you may have.

    The chance to visit with several vendors under one roof means that you will not have to drive all over town to find the best wedding service providers.


    Before you choose your wedding cake, you will likely do a cake tasting to decide which flavors you like the best. When you come to a Quiet Cannon bridal show, you can do the same thing for your reception dinner. We offer generous samples of some of the most popular items on our banquet menu.

    Meet the Staff

    Our friendly staff will be roaming around during the bridal show to answer any questions that you might have. Our staff is known for going above and beyond to make sure that every bride is happy on her big day. Come and see for yourself just how friendly and knowledgeable our staff is.

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    More Corporate Holiday Party Tips (Part II)

    September 24, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Last month we discussed the basics of corporate holiday party planning. Here are some additional tips to help make your holiday party a success!

    To theme or not to theme, that is the question…It really is! Some corporate holiday parties choose to incorporate a theme while others do not. There is no right or wrong. It is purely a matter of preference. If you do want to attach a theme to your party here are some ideas:

    Winter Wonderland

    It might sound obvious, but a Winter Wonderland themed holiday party is a perfect choice for an elegant party. There are so many beautiful ways to decorate, and even though you are in California, you can create a lovely snow-themed party indoors.

    Charity Ball

    Allow all employees to vote on a charity and then a Holiday Charity Ball theme. Ask each party goer to bring an item appropriate to donate to the selected charity, and then hold special raffles throughout with all proceeds being donated to the cause.

    Holiday Characters

    A costume party for a corporate holiday party? Why not?! Ask each attendee to dress as a character from a favorite holiday movie, song or television show. It will be fun to see what type of creative costumes walk in the door. Have a prize for most original. It is a good idea to make costumes optional so those who do not want to dress up will still attend.

    Corporate Gift Ideas

    A holiday party is the perfect time to give each employee a corporate gift to thank them for all of their efforts throughout the year. Choose something that will be useful to the employees. Below are a few ideas.

    • Robe embroidered with company logo
    • Pen and pencil set embossed with logo
    • Desk sets
    • Business card holders
    • Paper weights

    Banquet Options for Corporate Holiday Parties

    As many businesses are looking for ways to cut expenses, the budget for meetings and parties is often one of the first things to be cut. But there are good reasons to host a corporate holiday party.

    When planning your corporate holiday party, one of the most important decisions will be the type of food to serve. At Quiet Cannon, we have a variety of menu options. You can choose from a buffet style dinner or a sit-down plated meal. You can also select heavy appetizers instead of a full meal.

    Quiet Cannon also has full bar service. Our helpful staff will work with you to plan the meal for your holiday party. You tell us what you want, and we do the work!

    • It gives employees from different departments a chance to mingle, which can potentially improve relationships within the office environment

    Now is the time to start planning your next corporate holiday party. Give Quiet Cannon a call today, so that we can reserve a banquet room and help you get started.

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    Corporate Holiday Party Tips (Part I of II)

    September 23, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    A corporate holiday party is a chance to thank all of those who have worked so hard for your organization throughout the year. Make the party memorable and special by choosing a fabulous location and following some of the tips below.

    Start Early

    Don’t wait until a month or two before to start planning. In order to get the best venue, you need to book your corporate holiday party as soon as you have a date. Quiet Cannon can book your rooms early, so that you will know you have the best venue in the area while you plan the rest of your party.

    Planning early will allow you take your time when choosing the menu and the theme and give you a chance to tweak things along the way.

    Form a Committee

    Rather than trying to handle the entire party planning process on your own, form a committee to help. Depending on the size of your organization and the size of the party, you could have just a couple of helpers or several. For bigger committees, set various people in charge of different aspects of the party such as games, food and printed materials. Meet monthly early in the planning process and then more often as party time draws closer.

    First Things First

    Before you get too involved in planning a corporate holiday party, you will need to decide on a couple of things that will set the tone for the rest of the planning.

    1. What is your budget?

    You must know exactly what the party budget is before you plan a single thing. Some choose to augment a smaller budget by having the employees buy tickets.

    2. Who will be invited?

    Will the party be just for employees and their partners or will you be inviting families? Obviously, there will be a difference between a party with children in attendance and one for adults only.

    Why Host a Corporate Holiday Party

    As many businesses are looking for ways to cut expenses, the budget for meetings and parties is often one of the first things to be cut. But there are good reasons to host a corporate holiday party.

    • It is a way to show your employees that you appreciate their efforts.
    • A corporate party is a way to thank all of your employees at one time, rather than having to come up with something for each department

    Next month we’ll be writing about theme ideas for corporate holiday parties, corporate gift ideas and banquet options, so check back.

    Check back next month for more corporate holiday party planning tips, such as weather to have a themed party, ideas for corporate gifts, and banquet options.

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    Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

    September 23, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    When planning a wedding, many questions pop up. After all, getting married isn’t something that you do every day! Below are answers to a few of the most frequently asked wedding questions.

    Q: How far in advance should I mail out the invitations?

    A: Wedding invitations should be mailed out about six to eight weeks prior to the event. Many brides also mail out a “save the date” card, which can be sent up to a year in advance. You should always try to give some extra notice to those who will be coming from out of town.

    Q: What is the first thing I should consider when planning a wedding?

    A: Some would say the answer to this is the dress or the colors. A better answer is the venue. The venue will have an impact on all of the other wedding planning decisions that you make. Start with the venue and then build your dream day from there.

    Q: I do not want flash photography during my ceremony. What is the best way to tell the guests?

    A: The best way to do this is to place the request in the wedding program. Most guests will likely peruse the program while waiting for the ceremony to begin. Some brides also ask the person officiating the wedding to make a brief announcement just prior to the start of the ceremony.

    Q: Do I have to serve a meal at my reception?

    A: This depends on the time of day that you get married. If the reception falls during a normal meal time, either lunch or dinner, then yes, you should serve a meal. If not, you can opt to serve Hors d’oeuvres, cake and punch for your reception.

    It is a good idea to include wording to that effect in the invitation so that guests will not be expecting a full meal. For example, you could include the following phrasing “Hors d’oeuvres, Cake and Punch Reception to Follow” or “Light Refreshments Will be Served”. Quiet Cannon has many wedding meal packages to choose from.

    Q:Should I Choose a Buffet or a Plated Dinner?

    A: Both are wonderful options, and there are pros and cons to each. With a buffet, there are more choices for each guest. Also, there is no need to keep track of which guests chose which entrée. Some brides, however, prefer the more formal choice of a plated dinner.

    Q: Who is supposed to pay for the rehearsal dinner?

    A: Traditionally, the bride’s family pays for the wedding and the groom’s family pays for the rehearsal dinner. Of course, now, many couples pay for much of the wedding expenses on their own. Under no circumstances should members of the wedding party or other guests be asked to pay for their own rehearsal dinner meal.

    As you continue with the planning of your wedding, you will surely have many more questions. Just take your planning one step at a time, and be sure to enjoy every moment of this very special time of your life.

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    Conference Tips – Secrets to Success

    September 21, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Having hosted our fair share of conferences and meetings here at Quiet Cannon, we know a thing or two about what makes for a successful business conference. Last month’s post highlighted some great tips to keep in mind when selecting the venue to host your meeting. We are continuing this theme with some tips that we have seen work time and time again…

    1. Speakers

    Choose your speakers carefully. Of course it is important that the speaker be knowledgeable in their subject, but it is equally important that they know how to engage an audience.

    2. Celebrate

    Yes, you’re there to work, but if you take a moment to celebrate something – anything – you will help to create an atmosphere that is more conducive to productivity. What you celebrate is less important than the fact that you take a moment to do it. You could sing happy birthday, offer praise about a large account that was recently won or revel in the fact that it is the company’s birthday.

    3. Small Groups

    At some point during the conference or meeting, break up into small groups. Some people might have great ideas to contribute, but some are more likely to speak up in a small group setting than they would be in front of a larger group.

    Small groups also encourage brainstorming in which every participant contributes. Taking time for small group interaction helps ensure that you will hear from every person who attends the meeting or conference.

    4. Snacks

    Consider making light snacks, coffee and cold drinks available during the meeting. Having snacks available in the meeting room will mean less going in and out among the participants.

    5. Breaks

    Finally, appoint someone, such as an administrative assistant or office manager, to act as the point person for planning the meeting. This point person will help to find the best conference center in Los Angeles and will work with the staff at the meeting facility to organize meals, choose the room and set up décor.

    By appointing these logistical tasks to someone else, you will be free to focus on the meeting materials and your guests.

    It is important to make the most of your conference or meeting. Using some of the tips above will help you accomplish your goals and the participants will feel as though their time is valued and the time they spent at the conference or meeting was productive.

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    Ten Ways to Make the Most of a Conference

    September 20, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    If you are going to spend the time and expense of finding a conference center in Los Angeles to hold your off-site business meeting, it is because you have something to accomplish. Often, when meeting at a conference center, time is wasted and participants walk away feeling as though they did not meet the intended goals. Below are the first five of ten tips we’ve put together to help you make the most of your next conference or business meeting.

    1. Location

    The location that you choose is very important for a number of reasons. You want it to be easy to find and there should be ample parking available. You also want to choose a location that offers a relatively comfortable atmosphere and that can cater in meals and snacks so that you won’t have to go off-site to eat.

    2. Décor

    Not every meeting or conference will require décor, but sometimes taking the time to decorate according to the theme of the meeting or conference can be one more way to motivate participants. It can help to put everyone in the mindset of the topic at hand and provide a fun atmosphere in which to discuss their ideas.

    3. Time to Mingle

    Some meeting facilities in Los Angeles offer enough space that participants will be able to mingle together before and during the meeting. This can be accomplished through a mini-reception as a way to open the conference. It’s a great idea to have the conference center you choose set out hors d’oeuvres or simple snacks and refreshments to facilitate conversations between attendees.

    4. Icebreakers

    Opening a meeting or conference with an icebreaker is always a good idea, but it is even more important if those attending the meeting do not know each other well. A good ice breaker will allow participants to get a bit more comfortable with each other which will help them work more effectively together during the meeting.

    5. Breaks

    If you have a lot to accomplish, you might think that it is wise to work straight through without taking any breaks. The fact is that you will find participants to be more alert and productive if you make time for frequent breaks. This means that everyone will have a chance to stretch their legs without having to leave the room while meetings are in progress.

    So far we’ve discussed factors that you should consider in the early steps of the planning process. Our next post will provide five more helpful tips on how to keep your audience engaged and motivated during the entire meeting.

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    A Wedding Venue with Accommodations

    September 20, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    When planning a wedding, finding ways to make things a bit simpler – without sacrificing your vision for your big day – is important. Finding a wedding venue with Overnight accommodations for guests is a priceless find. Of course, you don’t want to settle for an inferior wedding location just because it offers accommodations. Los Angeles has wonderful options for weddings of every size.

    Out of Town Guests

    Most guests who come from out of town will not know their way around. Choosing a wedding location with accommodations will eliminate the need for them driving around Los Angeles searching for their hotel after leaving the reception.

    Getting Ready

    Another big plus of choosing a wedding venue with accommodations is that the bridal party will have a place to get ready. It is well worth the cost of a hotel room or two so that the entire bridal party will have access to a bathroom and large comfortable rooms in which to get dressed.

    Freshen Up

    Even if your ceremony location is elsewhere, the bridal party can still benefit when the bride chooses a wedding location with accommodations. Los Angeles can get hot. After the ceremony and the time it takes for the wedding photographs, the bride and the wedding party may want to take a minute to freshen up before heading to the reception.

    After a quick stop at the hotel room to touch up hair and makeup, the entire bridal party will be looking morning fresh for the reception.

    Bride & Groom

    Even if the bride and groom will be leaving the following morning for their far away honeymoon, having a room close by for the wedding night is certainly a plus. There will be much to do the next day in order to catch flights and make sure you have packed everything you need.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just walk a few steps after the reception and have a quiet place to spend your first night as husband and wife?

    Guests Who Celebrate a Bit Too Much

    Another possible advantage of choosing a wedding venue with accommodations is for those guests who might have had a bit too much to drink. Consider holding a room or two for such guests. Instead of them having to find a ride home or calling a cab, they can simply spend the night in one of the nearby rooms and then drive home in the morning.

    Choosing a Wedding Venue with Accommodations

    There are a number of wedding locations with accommodations in Los Angeles, but all are not necessarily created equal. Remember, you do not want to sacrifice quality for the convenience of a nearby hotel.

    If you need a very large banquet facility and hotel in Los Angeles, this will further limit your choices. Quiet Cannon is an elegant wedding venue that can accommodate parties of 30 through 1200. There is a Hilton Garden Inn located right next door so guests can easily walk from their room to the reception.

    Finding a large banquet facility and hotel in Los Angeles that offers beautiful views, fabulous food and a helpful staff isn’t easy, but Quiet Cannon will meet every single one of your needs.

    Choose a wedding location with accommodations that is everything you have ever dreamed of in a venue. It will take a bit of stress out of your wedding day and that truly is a priceless find.

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    Four Wedding Planning Basics

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    There are many details to keep in mind when planning a wedding. In fact, there are so many details that the process can seem overwhelming to a newly engaged bride-to-be. You are likely getting advice from every person that you know. It can start to feel as though planning a wedding is a nearly impossible task! Instead of worrying about all of the tiny details (that will come later) focus your energy during the early part of your engagement on some of the basics.

    The Style

    One of the first decisions you must make is the style of your wedding. Do you want something romantic and formal or modern and quirky?

    Most of the other choices that you make about your wedding will be influenced by this decision. You cannot start choosing dresses and venues until you have decided on the basic style of your wedding.

    The Dress

    For many brides, the wedding day is all about the dress. There is no doubt that it is likely to be the most important garment that you will ever choose. Once you know the style of your wedding, you can begin looking at dresses.

    Some brides-to-be do not know how long it takes to order a wedding dress. You should start looking at dresses about a year before your wedding. This will allow plenty of time to choose a dress, order it and have all of the needed alterations done.

    The Venues

    Next to the dress, the venues that you select are the most important decisions that you will make. There are many wonderful wedding locations in Los Angeles that can make your dream day a reality. Whether you want an outdoor garden wedding or want the reception to take place inside a beautiful ballroom, there are plenty of wedding locations in Los Angeles to choose from.

    Some locations can accommodate both indoor and outdoor weddings. Quiet Canon Banquet and Conference Center offers gorgeous banquet rooms and is set on amazingly beautiful grounds. Both make lovely backdrops for a wedding.

    All of the ballrooms allow the brides to get the best of both worlds as they feature floor to ceiling windows that provide wonderful views of the grounds.

    When choosing a venue, be sure to consider how much support you can expect from the staff. Many of the wedding locations in Los Angeles have very helpful staffs. The staff at Quiet Canon will set up the room, handle all of the food prep and serving, and, of course, clean up when the event is over.

    The Venues

    The last of the “basic” decisions that you must make relates to the guest list. Remember, the number of guests will have a direct impact on the overall cost of your wedding. You will not be able to book a certain wedding location in Los Angeles until you are certain about the number of guests that you will have.

    Working with your fiancé and your families, sit down very early in the planning process and begin to make a guest list. Once you have the list of everyone that you would like to invite, you can begin to trim the list if necessary in order to keep the guest list at the desired number.

    Once you have these basics nailed down, it will be a bit easier to add in the details until everything comes together just the way you’ve always dreamed.

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    Ideas for a Wonderful Summer Wedding

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Summer is a nice time of year for an outdoor wedding ceremony, but there is more to a fabulous summer wedding than a gazebo in a garden. If you are planning a summer wedding in California, you are fortunate because when it comes to wedding reception venues, Los Angeles really understands outdoor weddings.

    One such venue, Quiet Cannon, offers options for both outdoor and indoor events. While all that goes into planning a beautiful summer wedding is more than would fit in one article, below are some ideas to consider when planning your own outdoor wedding ceremony.


    For some people, summer is all about the flowers. Be sure to include a variety of gorgeous summer blooms in several colors to complement your overall wedding theme.

    Send the summer home with your guests by choosing seed packets and a starter pot as favors for each your guests. This will allow them to go home and plant a “wedding garden” that will remind them of your special day each time they see their blooms.

    The Dresses

    If your summer wedding is going to take place outdoors, keep that fact in mind when choosing your gown and your bridesmaid’s dresses. Rather than heavy fabrics, you may want to opt for lighter choices that will breathe, such as cotton or other natural fibers.

    The Food

    The food choices at a summer wedding do not necessarily have to be different than for a wedding held at any other time of year. However, it is fun to include some food items that have a decidedly summer feel. This may include a table of fresh, straight from the vine summer fruits. Another option is to have an ice cream sundae bar, which is an especially good idea if there will be lots of kids at your wedding reception.

    Summer weddings are beautiful for many reasons. Just think of all the things you love about the season, and that will help you come up with your own unique ideas for your summer wedding.

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    The Quiet Cannon Bridal & Special Event Showcase

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Most of your wedding guests will have attended many wedding receptions in the past. If you want your special day to stand out, you will need to incorporate fun reception ideas that will make it memorable to your guests. Below are a few ideas to consider.

    When it comes to bridal shows, Los Angeles has their fair share. This show, however, takes place at one of the most beautiful indoor and outdoor event facilities near Los Angeles.

    The Bridal & Special Event Showcase is held every three months and is the perfect opportunity to see all that Quiet Cannon has to offer in terms of both indoor and outdoor event space. Located just minutes from downtown Los Angeles, Quiet Cannon boasts over 30,000 square feet of event space and gorgeous, lush landscaping that provides an amazing natural backdrop for your wedding or other event.

    A beautiful golf course and picturesque gazebo provide guests with glorious views during your outdoor wedding. The floor-to-ceiling picture windows in some of the indoor banquet rooms allow guests to enjoy those same views during your indoor event.

    When you attend the Bridal & Special Event Showcase, you will have the chance to see the facility dressed in all its finery. Ballrooms rooms will be set up as if for a wedding reception. Usually, brides-to-be have to try and imagine what a venue will look like when it is set up. But, when you attend the Bridal & Special Event Showcase, you will get the full effect.

    As an added bonus for attending, if you book your event the night of the Bridal Expo, you will receive an automatic upgrade at no cost to you.

    Tickets for the event are $5 at the door. Guests will be able to sample some of the most popular food items from the special event menu and meet with many vendors such as bakeries, DJs, photographers, florists and many more.

    This is your one stop bridal vendor shop. At this bridal expo, some of Los Angeles’ best wedding vendors will be in attendance. You could book all of the major vendors for your wedding without having to run all over town. The Quiet Cannon hosts these Bridal Shows so you can save time you would have spent doing research on each vendor and focus instead on other details of your wedding planning.

    To make the most of your time at the Bridal Show, Los Angeles brides should be sure to write down any questions that you have for each vendor. Take the time to view the portfolios of each service provider so that you can get a good sense of their style. This will help you choose the vendors that will best be able to help you achieve your vision.

    Come and meet the professionals, see their work, and ask any questions that you might have about their services.

    Planning a wedding is hard work, but when you are able to see a venue, meet a variety of vendors and sample food, all in an hour and a half, it makes the planning a bit easier.

    Want to Attend The Quiet Cannon Bridal & Special Event Showcase?

    WHERE: The Quiet Cannon Conference & Event Center

    WHEN: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 from 6:00 to 9:30 p.m.
    HOW MUCH: $5 at the door or pre-register by calling (323) 724-4500

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    Hosting an Affordable Business Conference in Los Angeles

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    In the current economy businesses large and small are looking for ways to cut costs. Often one of the first things to go are regular business conferences. While these meetings are helpful and, in some cases, can help boost morale, the cost is often too great to justify.

    Finding an affordable conference center in Los Angeles can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Keep reading for some tips on holding a business conference that won’t destroy your bottom line.

    Conference Room Discounts

    Many conference centers in Los Angeles charge a room fee for the use of their private meeting space. But, some of these will reduce or eliminate the room fee if you purchase food or drinks from the venue.

    Quiet Cannon is a conference center that offers such a benefit. When you consider that some venues charge $2500 per hour to rent space, it makes sense to find a location that will allow the fee to be waived with a food purchase.

    You will likely still have to provide lunch, so renting space in a place where food is not available is rarely the choice that will provide an economic advantage.

    Size of Group

    Some venues will only allow a larger group, while others cannot handle a group of more than 100. Quiet Cannon accepts groups as small as 25 and, with 30,000 square feet of meeting space, can handle very large groups as well.

    Some of the conference centers in Los Angeles work on a sliding scale when it comes to price. For example, if you are hosting a business conference for 30 people, the per person charge may be $40. If you order the exact same menu for 250 people, the cost goes down to $35 per person.

    Quiet Cannon understands that small businesses need access to quality meeting space and exceptional service as much as a larger company does. They also do not think that you should have to pay a premium just because you bring a smaller group.

    The price for a business conference package is $25.95 whether there are 25 people attending your conference or 500 attending.

    Quality vs. Price

    It goes without saying that finding an affordable conference center in Los Angeles is only a good deal if the quality and service standards are high. Whether you are entertaining clients or potential clients, or having a meeting for employees, you want the food, atmosphere and service to convey the message that your business is successful.

    You might be able to find a few options for meeting space for under $30 per person, but you also must consider quality.

    Quiet Cannon provides a continental breakfast, a mid-morning coffee break and a full lunch and afternoon break all for one price of $25.95 per person. The lunch can be served either buffet style or plated and served. There are many menu options including a deli buffet, fettuccini Alfredo, roast beef and more. The afternoon break includes coffee, cookies and brownies.

    Quiet Cannon also provides plenty of free parking and a microphone and podium at no extra charge.

    Hosting a business conference in Los Angeles can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be when you book with Quiet Cannon Conference Center.

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    How to Hold an Elegant Wedding and Reception in Los Angeles at an Affordable Price

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Weddings are expensive, and if not planned shrewdly, the fees can add up to more than you had budgeted for. While most couples strive to make their wedding perfection, these days most of us are looking for ways to cut wedding costs without cutting the guest list.

    Reception Facilities

    Because the wedding reception encompasses a large portion of total wedding expenses, one way to slash costs is by searching out more affordable wedding and reception locations in Los Angeles? One place to start the search would be with banquet halls in the Los Angeles area. Banquet facilities are often more cost effective than hotels, but not because they are of inferior quality. In fact, banquet facilities have professionals on staff dedicated to help you with every element of your wedding. They also have a variety of wedding packages to choose from that bundle options to help keep expenses down.

    Garden Wedding

    Another option to consider that will help keep wedding costs low is the garden wedding. Although some decorations will be required, selecting such a venue for your wedding ceremony will greatly cut down on decoration expenses you would otherwise pay for. And, you get a romantic, natural setting that will compliment your special day in every way.

    Afternoon Wedding

    Another way reception costs can be minimized is by holding your wedding earlier in the day. Choose to hold an afternoon cocktail wedding instead of an evening dinner service. This will bring your wedding reception costs way down as this is typically the most inexpensive part of your day.

    Then there is the traditional cash bar. Quite a number of reception and banquet halls in Los Angeles can arrange for a cash bar at your reception. This will allow you to provide the coffee, punch and tea, which are typically included in your menu.

    Before you select any of the above options, talk to one of the caterering sales associates at the Quiet Cannon. They can help you plan the ultimate outdoor wedding ceremony and ballroom reception at an incredibly affordable price.

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    How to Book a Large Banquet Facility in Los Angeles

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Large banquets can be very fun and enjoyable events when they are held at a great venue.  Los Angeles is a popular city for large banquets because of its location and accessibility to experienced chefs. If you are looking for a large banquet facility in Los Angeles it is helpful if your choice of facility has the following features:

    • An on-site or nearby hotel to accommodate guests that need a place to stay after the banquet.
    • A beautiful and scenic view of Los Angeles along with professional landscaping.
    • Delicious food prepared by professional chefs with a wide selection of choices.
    • Dietary accommodations and flexible choices for those who require special diets.

    Quiet Cannon is one of the few banquet facilities in Los Angeles that offers all the above conveniences.  Located only a few miles outside of the city center, it sits in a convenient location and offers an onsite hotel for your convenience.

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    Garden Weddings in Los Angeles

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Garden weddings can be very romantic and memorable, and are gaining in popularity. For those looking to have a garden wedding, Los Angeles is a top location. The warm and pleasant year round climate allows for garden weddings to be held during every season.

    With the benefits of warm weather, Los Angeles proudly contains a number of locations for outdoor garden weddings. These locations offer beautifully landscaped gardens for the wedding couple and their guests who are looking to enjoy the outdoors while attending the ceremony.

    If you are not sure what type of venue to choose, it helps to know what to look for in a garden wedding location. Here are some tips:

    • Pick a facility that offers indoor ceremonies in the unlikely onset of rain.
    • The decor should be wind proof as wind is a problem in many garden weddings.
    • There should be an option for the wedding reception to be held in the same location for convenience.
    • Helpful planners and staff who can design the wedding just as you imagine it.

    With the right preparation and choice of venue, your garden wedding can be a dream come true.

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    How to Choose a Conference Center in Los Angeles

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    If you are looking to host your next big meeting at a conference center in Los Angeles, the first step is to think about what features you would like the location to have and what your requirements are. Los Angeles hosts many major conferences throughout the year because of the vast number facilities available and the great year-round weather.

    The best conference centers of Los Angeles are known for their:

    State of the art facilities – access to audio, video, and other types of technology if your meeting requires it.
    Integration with the outdoors – beautiful landscaping that brings out the best of Los Angeles weather and scenery.
    Varied capacity – the versatility to accommodate a large number of attendees comfortably.

    Quiet Cannon’s corporate event facilities offer all of the above along with a great location that is right off of the Pomona freeway and in close proximity to the Hilton Garden Inn. All of these convenient features make Quiet Cannon an excellent choice for your next conference center in Los Angeles.

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    A Conference Center in Los Angeles for Business and Leisure

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    Viewed by many industry experts as the ultimate conference center in Los Angeles, Quiet Cannon provides an environment to conduct business. The relative proximity to the city makes it a perfect spot to hold seminars, presentations and corporate retreats.

    Banquet facilities go a long way in ensuring comfortable and quality conference services with the amenities to make the stay productive. No effort is spared to make work less stressful as the environment strives to make your stay both relaxed and industrious.

    Entertaining corporate guests becomes easy with a round of golf on the expansive 18 Hole course after a hard day’s work. This, in addition to the on-site hotel, makes it a perfect choice for any corporate event in Los Angeles.

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    An Outstanding Banquet Facility Near Los Angeles

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    Quiet Cannon pulls out all the stops when it comes to providing the best banquet facility Los Angeles has ever experienced. It is the ideal location for a variety of ceremonies including sweet sixteens, anniversaries and weddings. Special packages are offered for a wide variety of events.

    Of all its facilities, the feature that stands out the most is the onsite hotel, Hilton Garden Inn. As a brand name, the Hilton chain of hotels is highly regarded for its service and this touch of class is added to the entire facility. This is especially important with visitors who might be visiting from out of town who might then be able to get a good night’s rest after the day’s activities. The stay is complimented by the world-class cuisine prepared and presented to your liking by top notch professional chefs.

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    Quiet Cannon: Catering To You

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    Nestled on the 18 Hole Montebello Championship Golf Course is Quiet Cannon, Los Angeles’ premier banquet and reception facility. Laid out over 30,000 sq feet of sprawling and beautiful greenery is this masterpiece that caters to every need that a client would require.

    Rated consistently as one of the finest establishments in the industry, Quiet Cannon offers a wonderful, unobstructed view of the Los Angeles skyline, the beautiful greenery of the golf course and the surrounding hills. This sets the mood for a function of any size and is a testament to its recognition as the best event facility near Los Angeles. The range of services offered here runs the gamut depending on both size and occasion. Based on occasion, the Quiet Cannon opens its doors for the following types of events:

    Wedding Reception and Ceremony

    Conferences & Business Meetings


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