How To Stay Fit For The Holidays

June 29, 2013

With the holiday season now upon us, some of you may be slightly fearful of what this may mean to your waistline. You may get anxious at the thought of all the holiday events, banquets, and other social functions that you’ll be attending and all the food that comes along with them.

The great news is that there’s absolutely no reason you can’t attend all these events and still come out with your weight intact. It just requires a game plan so that you know how to eat properly and burn off extra calories throughout the day so that when you do indulge a little at these events, it has no influence on your body weight.

Here are a few quick tips on how to stay fit over this holiday season.

Plan Outdoor Activities

The very first thing that you should be doing is scheduling outdoor active pursuits with friends and family, rather than indoor get-togethers where you don’t do much other than sit around and visit. If you can get active together, you’ll still enjoy spending time with these people but yet will burn off hundreds of calories in the process.

Get outside and take in something that you haven’t done for a while – it’ll help make the holiday season special while still allowing you to connect with friends and family.

Focus On Greens & Protein

Second, when it comes to your ‘base diet’, that is the meal plan that you follow most of the time, try and focus as much as possible on strictly eating green vegetables and lean proteins. This will help put you in primary fat burning mode so that you can burn off any indulge you do have as you attend events.

These two foods will provide you with almost all the nutrients you need to sustain good health and will keep your hunger and calorie level down.

Supplement with a good multi-vitamin and fish oil and add a few pieces of fruit or a handful of nuts when you need an energy boost and you’ll be all set.

Watch Your Beverages

Another must-do for success that many people overlook is their beverage calories. You must start tracking these and paying more attention to what you’re taking in.

Most people will not compensate for calories taken in through beverage format so if you’re downing hundreds of calories per day thanks to your drink choices, you’re going to gain weight.

Try and stick to water and herbal teas as much as possible. These will work best to keep your weight down.

Workout Early

Finally, the last thing that you should be doing is aiming to workout as early in the morning as possible. If you leave your workout until later on in the day, it’s highly probably that something will come in and squeeze it out of your schedule.

Get up and perform a fast 15 minute circuit first thing in the morning. It’ll jump-start your metabolism and you can leave the house knowing you’ve done something positive for your body that day.

Keeping these quick tips in mind this holiday season you should have no problem coming out in the New Year without the traditional weight gain most people experience.