Four Wedding Planning Basics

September 19, 2012

There are many details to keep in mind when planning a wedding. In fact, there are so many details that the process can seem overwhelming to a newly engaged bride-to-be. You are likely getting advice from every person that you know. It can start to feel as though planning a wedding is a nearly impossible task! Instead of worrying about all of the tiny details (that will come later) focus your energy during the early part of your engagement on some of the basics.

The Style

One of the first decisions you must make is the style of your wedding. Do you want something romantic and formal or modern and quirky?

Most of the other choices that you make about your wedding will be influenced by this decision. You cannot start choosing dresses and venues until you have decided on the basic style of your wedding.

The Dress

For many brides, the wedding day is all about the dress. There is no doubt that it is likely to be the most important garment that you will ever choose. Once you know the style of your wedding, you can begin looking at dresses.

Some brides-to-be do not know how long it takes to order a wedding dress. You should start looking at dresses about a year before your wedding. This will allow plenty of time to choose a dress, order it and have all of the needed alterations done.

The Venues

Next to the dress, the venues that you select are the most important decisions that you will make. There are many wonderful wedding locations in Los Angeles that can make your dream day a reality. Whether you want an outdoor garden wedding or want the reception to take place inside a beautiful ballroom, there are plenty of wedding locations in Los Angeles to choose from.

Some locations can accommodate both indoor and outdoor weddings. Quiet Canon Banquet and Conference Center offers gorgeous banquet rooms and is set on amazingly beautiful grounds. Both make lovely backdrops for a wedding.

All of the ballrooms allow the brides to get the best of both worlds as they feature floor to ceiling windows that provide wonderful views of the grounds.

When choosing a venue, be sure to consider how much support you can expect from the staff. Many of the wedding locations in Los Angeles have very helpful staffs. The staff at Quiet Canon will set up the room, handle all of the food prep and serving, and, of course, clean up when the event is over.

The Venues

The last of the “basic” decisions that you must make relates to the guest list. Remember, the number of guests will have a direct impact on the overall cost of your wedding. You will not be able to book a certain wedding location in Los Angeles until you are certain about the number of guests that you will have.

Working with your fiancé and your families, sit down very early in the planning process and begin to make a guest list. Once you have the list of everyone that you would like to invite, you can begin to trim the list if necessary in order to keep the guest list at the desired number.

Once you have these basics nailed down, it will be a bit easier to add in the details until everything comes together just the way you’ve always dreamed.