Unique Valentine Ideas for Men

June 29, 2013

Last week we shared ideas on how to pamper the ladies on Valentine’s Day. But, let’s face it, not too many guys would welcome the prospect of loafing around in robes and getting their nails done. So what do you do for that special guy while you’re getting your glam on? Golf. It’s one of the top recreational activities in L.A. and there is a top-tier championship golf course right in the heart of it all.

Quiet Cannon Banquet and Reception Facility is home to an immaculately maintained 18-hole golf course that has played host to private tournaments, weddings, family reunions and more. Let your man spend the day relaxing his way while chasing that illusive little white ball around in the grass.

Rounds of golf are extremely affordable and with tee times throughout the day you can plan an outing for your man that fits right into your Valentine’s Day preparations. (Did I mention gift certificates are available as well if you want to “keep him on the hook” a little bit longer.)

Valentine’s Night in Los Angeles

And after a relaxing day spent your way, it’s time to reconnect over dinner or find something unique to do together in the city of excess.

Long Beach Gondola Rides

Just a short drive away from the center of L.A., Long Beach offers a unique gondola getaway for you and your loved one. These manual boats operate right out of the marina and are available throughout the day with dining options, champagne service, and starlight cruises available. So book yours now and snuggle up as the stars come out over California. Visit for more info.

LACMA “Night at the Museum”

Located at 5905 Wilshire Blvd., the Los Angeles County Museum of Art offers a unique evening experience. You can travel through time and space with exhibits such as the futuristic and slightly surreal designs of Stanley Kubrick, the Fritz Lang inspired expressionist cinema exhibit (featuring Dr. Caligari (1920) and Metropolis (1927)), or the ancient Maya world with actual artifacts! (So what if the apocalypse didn’t come?) Call 323-857-6000 for more info or visit for a full schedule of events.

And don’t forget they have a wonderful restaurant, Ray’s, right on-site. It was “hailed by Esquire as “One of the best new restaurants of 2011” and has been called “a feast for the senses.”

Make It Special

Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s Day, Quiet Cannon wishes you and yours a memorable day and a long and happy relationship.