Conference Tips – Secrets to Success

September 21, 2012

Having hosted our fair share of conferences and meetings here at Quiet Cannon, we know a thing or two about what makes for a successful business conference. Last month’s post highlighted some great tips to keep in mind when selecting the venue to host your meeting. We are continuing this theme with some tips that we have seen work time and time again…

1. Speakers

Choose your speakers carefully. Of course it is important that the speaker be knowledgeable in their subject, but it is equally important that they know how to engage an audience.

2. Celebrate

Yes, you’re there to work, but if you take a moment to celebrate something – anything – you will help to create an atmosphere that is more conducive to productivity. What you celebrate is less important than the fact that you take a moment to do it. You could sing happy birthday, offer praise about a large account that was recently won or revel in the fact that it is the company’s birthday.

3. Small Groups

At some point during the conference or meeting, break up into small groups. Some people might have great ideas to contribute, but some are more likely to speak up in a small group setting than they would be in front of a larger group.

Small groups also encourage brainstorming in which every participant contributes. Taking time for small group interaction helps ensure that you will hear from every person who attends the meeting or conference.

4. Snacks

Consider making light snacks, coffee and cold drinks available during the meeting. Having snacks available in the meeting room will mean less going in and out among the participants.

5. Breaks

Finally, appoint someone, such as an administrative assistant or office manager, to act as the point person for planning the meeting. This point person will help to find the best conference center in Los Angeles and will work with the staff at the meeting facility to organize meals, choose the room and set up décor.

By appointing these logistical tasks to someone else, you will be free to focus on the meeting materials and your guests.

It is important to make the most of your conference or meeting. Using some of the tips above will help you accomplish your goals and the participants will feel as though their time is valued and the time they spent at the conference or meeting was productive.